What are Polyurethane Bushings? Pros, Cons

What are Polyurethane Bushings? Pros, Cons

From Anthony Bishop

Polyurethane bushings are a popular choice for many mechanics and car owners who want to improve the performance of their vehicles.

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But what exactly are polyurethane bushings and why are they so beneficial? Let’s take a look at the basics of polyurethane bushings, as well as some of the advantages they offer. 

What Are Polyurethane Bushings? 

Polyurethane bushings are designed to replace rubber components in cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles. These bushings are made from a special type of plastic-like material that is both durable and flexible. They can be used in any part of the vehicle where rubber or metal parts typically would be installed, such as suspension systems or steering linkages. The purpose of these bushings is to reduce vibration, absorb shock, and improve handling. 

How Do Polyurethane Bushings Work? 

Polyurethane bushings work by absorbing the shock from bumps and other road irregularities as it passes through the suspension system. By doing this, they reduce noise levels and minimize wear on other components such as tires and brakes as well as improving overall ride quality. Additionally, polyurethane bushings will help keep vehicle components in alignment which can help improve handling characteristics and increase fuel efficiency. 

Advantages of Polyurethane Bushings 

There are several benefits to using polyurethane bushings instead of rubber or metal parts. For starters, polyurethane is much more durable than rubber and can withstand higher temperatures without breaking down or becoming brittle. This makes them ideal for performance applications where temperatures can reach extremes due to high speeds or excessive friction. Additionally, polyurethane has greater resistance to wear than rubber, which means it will last longer before needing to be replaced. Finally, polyurethane offers superior damping characteristics compared to rubber since it absorbs shock better while still providing enough flexibility for optimal performance.  


Polyurethane bushings provide numerous advantages over traditional rubber or metal parts when it comes to improving the performance of your vehicle. They’re more durable than rubber, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon; plus, they offer superior damping characteristics that help reduce vibration and improve handling even at high speeds or under extreme conditions. If you’re looking for an upgrade that will make your car perform better and last longer, then consider installing polyurethane bushings today!

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