Please special offering,

Please special offering,

From Chris Perkins

Catch up my rent and dentist expenses to come due to two very infected teeth

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As everyone is I'm very affected by this a 48 year old single college student with two kids it's been tough staying teeth are shot my own doing for putting off for it's two terribly infected inesc that must come out asap as well as three hundred behind in rent on the verge of being homeless.ive always been to proud to ask for help but that's not being humble as I've learned through my 9 yes s of sobriety, and attending AA.SO I'm at my wit's end i need help and the Lord has told me to use this site and ask favor from strangers my work is non existent at the moment dude to this virus I am going ffir my backso in psychology, ice cam e so far from losing my wife over 12 years ago,not to make it now my girls are troopers they are sad they can't do what the others kids do all the time  they dint even have cell phones at 17 and 16 they are amazing at dealing.tbeh know they are lived.but I'm stuck I have have these teeth done and get rent current please friends give anything yij can spare!whatever the Lord leads you to will help thank you. I am truly grateful even if this is read.God bless Chris 

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