Please help MINDFUL stay in business

Please help MINDFUL stay in business

From Leslie Morgan

I am raising money for MINDFUL which I created to help those suffering from mental illness. Donations will go directly to keeping website online and ad campains to be able to reach more people in need of help.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time to consider my project. I am here because my wife suffers from mental illness and stopped taking her meds in June of 2022 and that completely destroyed our lives. She disappeared with our children and all our valuables. Its a long story but in trying to find my family and doing a lot of research on the matter of mental illness trying to get a better understanding, I discovered there is just not enough awareness out there. It can be tricky dealing with someone who suffers from so many mental illness but I also discovered how much it had affected my own mental illness. I always thought I was strong enough to deal with anything but this showed me how vulnerable we all are when things change so rapidly. You don't have to be born with it. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball that can change everything in an instant, like what happened to me. Needless to say, in trying to find my family and get my wife the help she needs, I discovered sooo much and now I have become an advocate for those suffering from mental illness. I created a website, MINDFUL!, for people who are suffering in some shape form or fashion, or know someone who is. It also explains my story but I also have advice-articles that I wrote that may be able to help those in need and to help increase awareness. A lot of these are things that have helped me on my journey so I want to spread the knowledge and help others. I am not a doctor or professional in that field but I have learned a lot. I believe what I am experiencing is a blessing in disguise from God to do my part to help others or to at least share what I have learned in the hopes that it might help someone one day. I have learned a lot about myself and my own struggles with mental health. There is such a lack of understanding, empathy, and care when it comes to mental health. I know this because I was one of those who just didn't understand it so I made a lot of mistakes when it came down to understanding exactly what my wife needed from me and even though she did not communicate with me on the things she needed me to understand, I should've done the research so I could know what and what not to do. Maybe I was too late to save my own family so I want to help others before it's too late for them. But I need help. I am a type 2 diabetic and suffer from terrible and painful diabetic foot wounds where I cannot even put shoes on and it has significantly taken away my ability to be mobile so I am not able to find enough work to pay my bills let alone fund my mission and keep MINDFUL! running effectively. This funding will allow me to pay for the services needed for MINDFUL! like the website and domain for a year, internet, branding, ad campains, marketing and promotions and maybe even a laptop to be able to respond to customers and individuals, who reach out to me for help or have questions, from anywhere. I do this alone but its needed in the world we live in today. This will give me the ability to continue my research and allow me to get this out there in front of more people to help spread the awareness of mental health. Please feel free to visit MINDFUL! and tell a friend as this helps each one teach one. Thanks for considering my project and dont forget to smile. It can make someones day.

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