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This is baby Mario, he is 6 years old, is a puppy that my younger brother loves and takes care of him with one hand since he was born.

Here's the thing, my Brother let the wicked man stay

Normally he is very gentle, but today he got mad (just because he barked a lot), so he broke the baby's limbs with an iron rod. At that time, my sister heard her pitiful screams, so I ran up to see what happened, saw this guy grab the puppy, and throw the puppy to the ground so hard right in front of my brother that he couldn't move his hand. The baby immediately had convulsions, blood spilled from the nose and ears a lot, my brother took him to the emergency room immediately, the veterinarian reported that he had broken arms, broken legs, brain hemorrhage and severe pulmonary effusion. Now she is in very critical condition, the prognosis is very bad, the vet said the amount needed to keep 'Mario' healthy is close to $4750. I am dealing with surgery and care costs of $2300 I am no longer economical.

My younger brother is currently suffering from a serious illness and has a mental shock, so he is very depressed and cries a lot, I am very sorry.

 I am very sad to have to join hands to help, when so many people are still struggling because of the epidemic.

Can you support some of his medical expenses? even $5 makes a difference! 

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