Please Help Our Son

Please Help Our Son

From Jodie Seljos Austin

I am raising money for my 27 year old son. He is a husband and a father that has been left almost completely home bound for the last two years. The DRs believe they have a treatment but insurance will not cover it. Help

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I am raising money for my 27 year old son. He is a husband and a father and should be in the prime of his life. Instead, he has been completely home bound for the past two years. He has spent two years in and out of doctors offices and he FINALLY has a diagnosis of 3 different disorders - Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome, Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness, and Vestibular Migraine Syndrome (some DRs think he has all three, some just two and some just one but more tests are needed to narrow it down). 

His symptoms include SEVERE DIZZINESS, relentless migraines, extreme and painful pressure in the eyes, blurred vision, body cramps, seizures, heart palpitations and constant screaming tinnitus. He cannot be exposed to loud noises or bright lights without it throwing him into an episode. Therefore, he is unable to drive or even leave the house for anything other than his doctor’s appointments and they try to do most of those online to prevent worsening his symptoms. This guy hasn’t even been inside a grocery store, restaurant or movie theater in over two years! He can’t take his daughter to the park or any of the other things that we all take for granted. His life has literally been put on hold. 

He is seeing several specialists at UT Southwestern, however because this is such a specialized area, they don’t even accept insurance. The family has helped as much as they can and my son is depleting his entire savings just to try to get better for his family. All of this on top of him losing both of his businesses to Covid. Barring a miracle, this is his only chance. 

This is currently what he is looking at:

Dr. Hunter UT SouthWestern $515.00 per visit

 Dr. Dekleva UT SouthWestern $500 for first appointment then $180 Per appointment after

Dr. Beh at Beh Center For Vestibular and Migraine Disorders $395.00 for first appointment then $110.00 every fifteen Minutes after that

Dr. Cuppett at Cuppett PLLC- $750 for first evaluation testing then $150.00 Per hour.

This is not including any other tests they might require, medications or the surgery if that’s the route they choose to go. They are requiring him to see a psychologist because the suicide rate for these diseases are so incredibly high. That is the severity of what he is dealing with.

He is a proud, proud man and hates to ask for help. But as a mom, I am absolutely desperate and pleading for help. Please, anything, even $5, will help

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