Please help my Wife fight Cervical Cancer

Please help my Wife fight Cervical Cancer

From Lameirra Gipson

This is the vow which I took on when I married my wife, Nel. My name is Henry, and Nel and myself are married less than a year. Unfortunately, our first struggle came to us unexpectedly and it’s truly taking a toil on us

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“For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish”

This is the vow which I took on when I married my wife, Nel. My name is Henry, and Nel and myself are married less than a year.Unfortunately, our first struggle came to us unexpectedly and it’s truly taking a toil on us.Just a month ago, my wife was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It is an unexpected news given how healthy my wife is. She has no vices; she doesn't smoke and doesn't even drink even on an occasional basis. She is living a healthy lifestyle because we are trying to conceive.

During the Circuit Breaker (CB) (07 April 2020), my wife has started to feel discomfort and unexplained bleeding in between periods and after urination, we never gave much thought into it because my wife has irregular menstruation.But when the continuous vaginal discharge that seems to be menstruation has occurred, we decided to go to the doctor to confirm it.Since the CB was placed and my wife was put under Stay Home Notice from 20 Apr to 18 May 2020 as she is working in the construction sector and a SPass Holder.We were just able to go to Mt Elizabeth for consultation right after the SHN was lifted. It was then the OB-GYNE has requested series of test, biopsy and scanning as she suspected that she is suffering from cancer.

While waiting for the result we still keep our hopes up that the result will come back negative. You cannot imagine how devastated we felt after hearing that my wife have contracted cancer. For us newly married couple who wants to start a family it seems like our dream was being taken away from us.The plan of conceiving was suddenly disappear! It is so heartbreaking knowing that my wife was such a good person, she doesn't deserve any of this. She always put others needs before hers. She so caring, passionate, kind and beautiful person.

But amidst all of this she also a FIGHTER. And she will win this fight. And she will come out stronger.For her to be able to do that she needs to undergo RADIOTHERAPHY and CHEMOTHERAPY. The cost of the medications is unaffordable to us as we are foreign workers here in Singapore. The initial estimated amount given by the doctor is around S$ 40,000 for the medication alone over at National Cancer Centre Singapore.Currently, she is working as a drafter in an architectural firm and I am working in F&B Sector. Given the current situation because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, my job was not secured and her salary was cut to a certain percentage. Apart from this, she still needs to send money to the Philippines as she is the sole bread winner of her family.

Upon checking with her oncologist last 22nd June, the treatment should start ASAP as the cancer is at Stage 3. We have yet to accumulate enough funds to support the treatment. We are borrowing money here and there for the time being to support the initial stage of the treatment as our salary is not enough. Both of us cannot afford the treatment fully considering our salary and debts we have accumulated till date.

This is why, I am humbly knocking on your generous hearts to help support her treatment and survive this phase in our marriage life. Help us in order to extend my wife's life. This situation may lead us not to not being able to have a child of our own as the chances are really slim but I have committed to stand by her side through this.Her battles are my battles. And since I am not financially capable to support her especially during this global crisis, I'm begging everyone to please help us to pull this through. I know I'm asking too much, but I will do everything for her because I love her so much. She is my life. And I really want her to get better soon.We believe that God won't put us to this if we can't get through this.Funds raised will be managed by Giveasia Kindness and pay directly to the hospital for my wife’s treatment.

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