Please Help Me Help Hannah Through Her Hardships

Please Help Me Help Hannah Through Her Hardships

From Elizabeth Fang

My name is Elizabeth, and I am making this fundraiser on behalf of my best friend, Hannah. I want to help her pay for living on her own after being kicked out and make sure she can pay for college in the fall.

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Elizabeth, and I am making this fundraiser on behalf of my best friend, Hannah. We first met in August of 2019 as coworkers at Kroger. I was 21, and she was 15 at the time and would be turning 16 in the next few months. I am an extremely introverted person who has a hard time even making eye contact with most people. However, Hannah was able to break through my walls and quickly got me to warm up to her. She became my best friend and is like a little sister to me. Hannah is still very precious to me, even to this very day.

Hannah has this extraordinary ability to make people feel welcome and make people feel like they have been lifelong friends with her even if they had just met her. She is incredibly smart and talented; she has always been an A+ student and is very good at drawing, cooking, singing, dancing, playing instruments, and seemingly everything. She has dreams of becoming an OB/GYN and helping countless women. I know Hannah can do it given how smart, talented, and driven she is. I envy her, and want her to succeed with everything I have.

However, life has not been good to Hannah. She was born to an awful family with a psychotic mother whom her father had to get a restraining order against. This same father treated Hannah as a metaphorical punching bag, hurling all sorts of abusive language her way without a single care as to how it would affect a growing child over the years. Meanwhile, her stepmother loathed her very existence and tried to pretend she wasn’t even there. Only her biological brother seemed to love her, but unfortunately, that was not enough to stop Hannah from trying to take her own life at the age of 14. After recovering from the attempt, she was brought into the custody of her grandmother, her father’s mother. Only then did life start improving for her.

If I had never known Hannah’s backstory, I would have thought she was a normal girl who grew up in a loving family. She is a very extroverted and bubbly girl. It astounds me how much she moved past her terrible upbringing and how strong she is for doing so.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of Hannah’s hardships. A few months after turning 18, her grandmother kicked her out, saying that Hannah should start providing for herself due to now technically being a legal adult. Despite Hannah still being in high school. Despite finals coming up, which will determine if she can even graduate and get her diploma. Hannah had to quit her job at Kroger and get a job as a waitress to hopefully receive more income. All while still being in school. None of her family is willing to support her anymore, even though her relatives have the means to do so.

My best friend, the girl who is like a little sister to me…I don’t want her talents to go to waste, for her dreams to die. It shatters my heart to see how many terrible things life has been throwing—and is continuing to throw—at her. It’s like she can’t catch a break. Her mental health is starting to decline again, and I am growing more and more worried for her. She can no longer smile and is suffering frequent panic attacks.

I am making this fundraiser to help Hannah cover the costs of living on her own and to help her pay for college. Every cent will be sent to Hannah, and only Hannah. I am helping her the best I can as well, but there is only so much a 23-year-old—soon 24-year-old—can do on $12 an hour. Hannah and I will be forever grateful for your kindness and generosity. I am also putting this fundraiser on several other sites to make sure she gets the necessary funds.

Please help me help Hannah through her hardships and please help keep her dreams alive. Thank you. 

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