Please help me go to College

Please help me go to College

From Umeh Obinna Godwin

Please, I am raising money for my college education. I got in University of Dundee, LLB(Honors), with a scholarship of £5,000 per year. Though the cost of attendance is much for us. Please I genuinely seek for your aid.

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I got into 6 schools:

University of Dundee

University of Plymouth

University of Bradford

Brunel University

University of York

Greenwich University

NOTE: Your liberal funds will be used for my enrollment fee, costs and tuition, room and board, books and educational supplies, visa and travel expenses, development projects, study abroad programs, health and medical coverage, personal expenses and any unusual expenses.

When I stare at my reflection, I liken myself to a fully-fledged bird with wings ready to fly, but no air to push it through. Growing from a low-income background, I have always been limited to some factors from childhood due to financial restrictions; my father, a carpenter and mother, a petty trader. Truly, things weren't easy as it may seem. Having no choice, I confined to the style of living like I thought I am a less-rich personality.

With such striving life, my father met his end when I was just eleven, I can never forget that memorable day. Leaving my widowed mother to bear the burden I feel was too heavy on her. At that tender age, I couldn't comprehend my fate, my fate of future, family and existence. I couldn't tell how to live without a father. Being fatherless was a new thing I struggled with, especially at school.

Passing through the courses of my journey of life, I have discovered myself, my vision, mission and consecration. In finding my path, I battled to excel in all examinations of life that came across my way. Life as a customized methodology, has remoulded me; making me to see significant things in different lights and perspectives; testing my resilience, strength, commitment, and faith to reaching the goals and purpose of my calling.

More often than not, I rise and embrace the challenges, bearing the risks and adversities involved. But occasionally, I find myself with battlewounds of mind, punctures of heart, doubts in thoughts and disbelief in might for stepping into unseen stones and potholes that I'm unprepared for.

In pushing through limits and obstacles, I grow stronger, wiser, fearless, built, and proceeding. Running the race is dispiriting and daunting, but when noted that nothing stops the man ordained, I ease and manoeuvre obstacles, getting to the top. Finally, I settled with my consecration- to study Humanities and Creative Writing in my undergraduate education. With hopes that I will proceed to a law school to fully satisfy my hunger to be a philanthropist, inspirational writer and global impactor. I've always been aspired to be a part of progression and optimism, to serve mankind in my own way, insight and possessions. I desire to offer my part of help.

Being a legal practitioner and philanthropist, is my will to sacrifice my rest, to act, advocate, fend and fight for the right, courage, voice, recognition, respect and comfort of the poor and minorities. Giving us the sense of our true selves, and restoring back our happiness, satisfaction, independence and equality we lost since the beginning.

Also, I have strong-willed passion to communicate with the world through the power of letters and words; to bring positivity to humanity with written arts and pieces. My own way of reaching out to the globe, with writing as my transmitter.

These are obligations, not just dreams, but duties I believe, I'm chosen for. In pursuing my goals, fortunately, I'm tested by financial incapability. But honestly, I envision playing my role in the drama of "changing the world". But how can I?

I am aware leaving my home country for America is bizarre, knowing the truth that I cannot support myself there. But to me, it is my own bestest pasture to channel me to my destination. I know I have a lot to offer and I have set up an ideology that "money" can't stand as a hindrance to my success. In my applied efforts I have submitted my applications to some American Colleges. I got rejections from some, specifically with details that I am not financially qualified. Nonetheless, some schools gave me admission with few offering as well scholarships(though, I still need to pay more money).

Today, I am who I am- pregnant with a burden, a newfound need, not just desire, thriving is conceived in me. I must succeed, so at the end, I'll be more of dignity, rather than contemplation.

I am writing to you as a source of hope. I have no other place I can seek help from but you. And I can boldly tell you my story, because I can likely infer and tell of your genuine generosity and passion for humanitarianism by merely reading this.

Please, if you can help me with this, trust me, I will never let your offer to me down, never! I pour my sincerity pleading for your profuse assistance to help me fulfill this dream of mine, just this one dream of mine. I pray the glory ahead be unfathomable. Even a dollar counts a lot.

NOTE: Your liberal funds will be used for my enrollment fee, costs and tuition, room and board, books and educational supplies, visa and travel expenses, development projects, study abroad programs, health and medical coverage, personal expenses and any unusual expenses.

I profusely appreciate your liberal gesture,

Umeh Obinna

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