Please help me get a Master's Degree!!

Please help me get a Master's Degree!!

From Sadie Caroling

I come from a poor family and despite working 4 jobs outside of school, I can barely cover school fees. But I still really want to pursue my dreams and contribute to the society in the future, please help me if you can!

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I'm a female engineering student studying in a global top 30 university, despite sounding hard to believe, I have never been good at Maths (in fact I fail Maths all the time and had a couple of failures in Physics as well in highschool), which most people would think that it's essential for an engineer or anything in that category, or that people who study STEM subjects must be naturally good at it. Here I am trying to prove people wrong - even if you're not naturally gifted at these things, if you are interested and willing to put lots of time and effort (which a lot of times is pretty painful I must admit), you can do it too, if I can do it, I'm sure most people can too, don't let other people tell what you can't do and show them what you can do! I am now at my final year, so far I've been trying to study hard and compensate for my weakness in Maths, and have failed one subject so far but I managed to retake it and passed with a B+ thankfully. I'm not a particularly outstanding student I would say, I don't get straight As in engineering, I don't really think that's possible for me to do to be frank as well, as it's not a made-up story that I am really not good at maths, but I'm trying. My interests lay not only in engineering but in other things like music and literature too, I am hoping that one day when I finally graduate, I can become a humble engineer who would make use of my hard work and effort to prove that I can be just as good as everyone else. And I dream that I can make use of my ideas to make the world a better place and become an entrepreneur myself. So if you like my story, please consider helping out a bit to fund my studies! I'll forever be thankful :)

Update: I tried to made this post a while back but did't get it up somehow at the end. Right now I am working 4 side jobs outside of my study to try and earn money for my living. I come from a poor family but I am trying my best to climb up the social ladder. I really want to study further in Engineering with a master's degree, but I genuinely do not have any money for it. I know the chance is really slim but I have no other choices, I hope someone here somehow ran into this and have the heart big enough to offer me a helping hand, any amount is appreciated. I put the goal for the exact tuition amount for my dream university for two years of the master's programme that I want to get in. I actually think my grades can pull through, but I really just cannot pay for it even if I got the offer. And I am not confident that I would be able to get any scholarship... If my goal is reached, I will work part time jobs on the side of my studies of course to earn for my living expenses and accommodation and plane tickets to go there. I don't dare to have a very high hope on this, after all I probably am not someone who needs help the most as seen by most people. But it really would make my dream come true if I do end up going... I had suffered from two years of serious depression and illness during my second year of university, but I did not give up and I promised myself I will try to hang on no matter what, I am trying my best at it now, but some help is always good. For good karma or simple a kind heart, thank you so much for you donation in advance, and for your patience to read all the way til here, bless you!

PS I wish my country has free education, because I do think that everyone deserves a chance to receive proper education. I already had to pay a lot for my current Bachelor's, and it really used up me and my family's life savings, loans aren't an option for us either... But I really do want to keep studying and get myself ready for work afterwards. Sorry for such a long passage, English isn't my first language but I hope I have delivered my messages clearly, thank you again for reading this and I hope you have a nice day ahead of you! :)

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