Please help me fulfill my dream!

Please help me fulfill my dream!

From Ricky Mamoran

Hello! I am 44 years old and I am a wheelchair user. My diagnosis is cerebral palsy. with spastic quadriplegia. I have paresis of muscle tissue with spasticity prevailing in the legs.The foot of the right leg goes inw...

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My doctor recently gave me hope that I will walk normally and my gait will change after certain manipulations.

Please help me fulfill my dream!

Patients like me with spastic pes equinovarus require surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendon without shortening the common extensor and peroneal muscles. This allows to completely eliminate the deformation of the foot, to fully restore the anatomy and function of the ankle joint, that, in the future, can improve the quality of life of a patient.

Subsequently, if you choose between wearing a cast and wearing the orthopedic AirCast-Walker Stiefel, then the latter is definitely better. In this case, the latch of the device removes most of the load from the joint. The foot is fixed at the right angle to the shin.

“AirCast-Walker Stiefel” (a special “healing” boot) is an orthopedic device that allows you to correct congenital joint pathologies in children without surgery, restore motor activity in professional athletes, and get rid of hallux valgus deformities. This device is made of neoprene (a special type of rubber). There are also plastic medical models. The use of hard materials allows the joint to be immobilized for several weeks. At the same time, the rehabilitation period is reduced, and the number of complications is reduced.

Currently, wearing a “healing” boot is the only effective way to regain the ability to walk, to ensure stability of the correct location and condition of the ankle joints for life. This allows you to stretch and stabilize the tendons that hold the foot in the correct position, turn the foot outward and fix it. This method has returned to many the possibility of movement and a full life, and "AirCast-Walker Stiefel" played a significant role in this.

Unfortunately, I do not have the funds necessary for the treatment described above. I hope that with the help of people who are ready to give me their help and support, I will be able to return to an active life and improve its quality. Thank you for understanding.

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