Please Help Jessica Finally get pain relief

Please Help Jessica Finally get pain relief

From Jessica Hill-Miilu

Im raising money for medical procedure that my medicaid will not cover. I need to raise 5,000 dollars for Ketamine infusions. This is my last option. We have exhausted all other forms of treatment with no response.

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Hello, my name is Jessica Miilu, im 36 and have 3 wonderful kids. 2 of which live with me here in N.C. My story is long so ill try to make it short. On March 5th of 2020 I went in for a total left knee replacement. I was told i would have a better quality of life. I was so excited. The surgery lasted 2 1/2 hours and should have only taken 1 1/2 hours. Dr. Told me there was a lot of damage and he had to do alot of reconstruction. I got to go home that same day. Started physical therapy and my knee never healed. I went back to the dr. 16 times only to get ingnored. The pain and swelling so severe PT stopped working with me and then covid hit. I spent almost a year in so much pain i couldnt move. So i sought a second opinion. They diagnosed me with a laundry list of issues and one if which is CRPS Type-1 advanced. (Please do research on it). I was then put in more therapy (failed) medications, tens units, injections, sympathetic nerve blocks..all of which had devestating results. PT will no longer work with me. I then decided I needed a 3rd opinion. I got in to see a ortho on September 23rd and my second total left knee replacement occured on October 24th, 2022. Again same results only worse. Im now in a wheel chair full time. Minus being at home. I can walk in my home. But even that is a chore. I fall all the time, trip, and bump my leg on everything. We moved to NC in Feb. 2023. The new doctors i have hee tried a few new things. One of which was a spinal cord stimulator. I had to do a weeks trial however, we removed it early. It felt like i had a pair of vice grips on my ribs in my back and they were sqeezing so hard I couldnt breathe. So we had to take it out a couple days early. They then informed me there is nothing else they can do and gave me a referal to ECU. They said the same thing. Except they said we can try one more thing. Ketamine infusions. Now ketamine infusions are very expensive. And me being on medicaid, they wont pay for them. And my DSSI is not enough. They are 1,000 for one infusion and I will need at least 5. They have a 90% success rate for patients with CRPS. I need help. Please. This is our final hail marry of an attempt to get me some relief. It is this or we talk about amputation more. However they are afraid and hesitant to amputate because the CRPS can spread to my other limbs, my organs pretty much everywhere. Or I stay this way the rest of my life. Please help me. This could be the answer. If your wondering, what happens if it works, how will you keep up the infusions? Well, the best part, most people after their 5th treatment do not need another for another year or more. I will immediately start a savings account. Donations can be made here, cash app or directly to Ketamine wellness institute in Chapel Hill, N.C. by calling 984-528-7215 and making a donation in my name. I already have an account with them and as soon as I raise the money we can make the apt. They do not offer payment plans or any type of grants. These treatments are pay at the time of service. My cash app is $RonaldMiilu. My venmo is @jessicamiilu. Thank you so very much in advance. God Bless. I am praying HARD for a miracle. 

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