Please help for Angel

Please help for Angel

From Steve Clark

After being ignored and abandoned by his former "dad", Angel had much needed good luck. The 4-year-old was quickly introduced to a new potential owner

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After being neglected and dumped by his previous "Dad," Angel hit a much needed stroke of good luck. This 4 year old was quickly introduced to a new potential owner who wanted him immediately. We were told by Angel's former owner that Angel had no health issues. We were told that he simply didn't want the dog anymore bc he was moving. We were told that Angel was okay. During his meet and greet with Angel's new potential home, he started bleeding profusely from his mouth. He was rushed into the emergency animals hospital that night only to discover a mouth tumor which had abcessed. A closer look revealed rotting teeth. The emergency vet explained Angel's situation to us clearly: He needs a biopsy of this mouth tumor, immediatly. Our goal is to get Angel adopted and in order to do so, we must get him on the road to good health. Years of neglect CAN often be undone but it will take a few months. We are currently striking deals with THREE different vet clinics in order to sort out Angel's procedures. We know he needs a full, under the gumline dental scaling AND have several teeth pulled. We know his tumor needs to be removed and biopsied. We also now realize that he has a very bad knee which needs tending to. We need imaging done by an orthopedist (which we think we have secured at a discount) to determine if he can avoid surgery for this and do a course of rehab instead. A blood panel will need to be done in order to proceed with the tumor removal and to determine if there is anything cancerous going on in his body already (we do realize that this is possible). Please help us get this guy the start he deserves. For someone to neglect this well-behaved, people loving, kid loving, dog loving dog this way only to dump him like rubbish in the end is not alright. This do is so easily homeable with just a bit of healthcare. These procedures must be done immediately.

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