Please help Dad stop Our Abuse :(

Please help Dad stop Our Abuse :(

From Dad Dee

"He slammed me against the kitchen cabinet and I dropped to the ground -- as he laughed." OUR GOAL: $15,000 immediately & another $10,000 by Jan. 15, 2023. Why? To pay a lawyer to ask the court to protect my children.

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* "He slammed me against the kitchen cabinet and I dropped to the ground -- as he laughed." -Daughter #1

* "He suffocated me until I panicked and had to fight to get away from him... He said it was a joke." -Daughter #2

* "[Through tears] He was touching us and we didn't like it...." -Both Daughters

What if it was your small children sharing these stories -- and many more -- about their time with your ex and ex's partner?

Now multiply that by 5-years... and today the "joking" only sadly continues to accelerate in intensity and frequency.

Hi, I'm "Dad" -- the primary confidant and (trying) protector -- of these now 12- and 11-year-old girls' -- since they were born. A role I've unfortunately had to spend double duty in since the day their mom introduced "him" to them. (More on that day below... if you're interested.)

But first, OUR GOAL: I need $15,000 immediately and another $10,000 by Jan. 15, 2023.

Why? To pay my lawyer to plead the court to protect the girls via court order. I'll accept assistance in the form of your kind donation(s) or creative loan(s). In fact, I'll do whatever it takes to get the help I need to (continue) to try to protect my little girls.

Why don't you -- Dad -- just pay for it yourself? I've done that route for the last 5-years to the tune of nearly $200,000 to-date. In large part because the main abuser is literally a millionaire.

Driven by his funds, he and my ex have manipulated the legal system to force me to exhaust all avenues of financing my girls' protection... to include the depleting of my savings accounts and 401(k) AND my being forced into bankruptcy.

My only realistic financing option today (as far as I can see it) -- besides putting my faith in caring people like yourself -- is to sell my house for its ample equity.

The problem there is -- if I did -- my bankruptcy would prevent me from being approved for a decent place for my girls to live when with me. It's a Catch 22.

But why is now the time, Dad? Why will it be different than the last 5-years?

CPS has recently been highly involved, now that my girls have gotten older and feel more confident in sharing their pain with their friends and authority figures. No less that 9 CPS reports have been filed (reporting abuse of one or both girls) over the last year; including from their elementary school counselor, their middle school counselor, their primary doctor, a 20-year-vet of the Virginia Beach PD SVU and a Family Court Judge.

My girls have watched me fight for them and learned to fight for themselves -- and I'm so proud they're doing so!!! "His" days are numbered and the wagons are circling...

That fact was highlighted by his recent arrest for DWI (.11 ABL), while speeding 85 in a 45mph zone with an open container of alcohol in his hand. (Email me for a link to his mugshot, as the court has stated I can't post the county's own provided "public information" publicly...)

Ridiculous, right? But an example of his money manipulating the courts... again.

By the way, my 12-year-old was supposed to be riding with him at the time, but she refused to go... Again, the girls are fighting back and are ready -- and excited -- to end the abuse NOW.

That is, IF I can count on your help... Will you please help me? More importantly, will you please help me help my children?

If more than $25,000 is raised, I will use the balance to secure additional mental care for my children to help them hopefully overcome the effects of their years of suffering. If there's a surplus after that, I'll donate those funds to a TBD non-profit organization focused on child protection.

Thank you in advance for your kind heart, donations, creative loans and/or ideas to end this reign of terror.

Sincerely & with Kind Regards,- Dad



What has CPS done so far?

They have taken report after report and showed concern. However, they say they are unable to take any actions to protect either girl from further abuse because there is a court order in place that strictly outlines their care. They can't override it, hence the looming February 2023 court hearing I pray and trust will change that fact.

What happened that first night your kids met "him?"

He spent the night with their mother in the same house as them. Bad enough, right? But when I got them the next day they said he "was touching" them and they "didn't like it." When asked where he touched them, they pointed at their inner thighs, their butts and their chests.

What else has he done to them?

First off, their mom is not-innocent. She's covered for his actions (to judges and doctors); but perhaps more disturbingly, has now begun her own abusive actions toward our children.

Here are a few of the accusations my children have made regarding the couple's actions toward them*:

  • Suffocation
  • Inappropriate Bathing Suit Area (ie, "gropey") Touching
  • Arm Twisting
  • Biting/Licking
  • Shoving into Metal Poles
  • Hip-checking into Kitchen Cabinets
  • Slapping
  • Arm-Yanking
  • Slamming Hands down on Hard Surfaces
  • Driving them while drunk (and saying it's "no big deal")
  • Screaming obscene insults -- as if in a teenager temper tantrum
  • Screaming threats, including "I'll bust out your teeth."

*This is an abridged list. And I guess I need to add "alleged" abuse somewhere on here so I'm not sued by the couple for reporting the truth.

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