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On March 22nd I woke up to flames above where my best friend and I lay sleeping. Immediately I screamed which caused my best friend to wake up and began screaming and scrambling towards the stairs as their were 4 other people downstairs sleeping 3 of which children. I quickly raced across the room grabbed my 2yr old son who was sound asleep and raced for the stairs with my best friend right behind me. As I was rushing down the stairs with my bare feet which I had done a dozen hundred times before with my son in my arms and fell down the stairs thankfully he was unharmed myself not as lucky, without pause we still kept screaming for her husband who was asleep as well as my daughter and her two daughters. We all made it out alive with the only loss of or dear pet snake Charlie (RIP). My 2 littles and  I practically lived with her and her family. We were there so often my neighbors thought we had moved out. My kiddos lost 98% of their brand new clothes as well as dress shoes, my son's boots and shoes as well as almost all of their toys. I lost 99% of my clothes and my brand new shoes, now I'm back to slippers, sandel's, flats that hurt me, and dress boots that give me blisters. When donation's came in they only came in for their family despite her efforts to let everyone know there were 3 other people included that lost almost just as much as their family had. On top of that Unemployment has been withholding my payments as they have 45 weeks which they do in fact owe me and I just received word that my claim is now just awaiting it's finial review but who know's how long that'll take because they are processed in the order in which they are received. I am asking for your kindness, your generosity, and your help in my families extreme time of need. Bill's are piling up and the money will go to bill's as Proof will be provided should donation's come in, clothes/shoes, and hopefully this will be enough to pay what's owed and Take my babies on their first Family Vacation ever they sure do need a break. My kiddos have been through far more this year and I would Love to take them on vacation just to catch our breath away from home.

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