Please Help a Desparate Disabled Widow

Please Help a Desparate Disabled Widow

From Chrissy Griffin

I am raising money for our volunteer team for materials to help this disabled widow that reached out to us and the Fuller Center. Our team will do all the labor, but we need funds for the materials. Please see photos

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Please read Cindy's story below:  Cindy reached out to the Fuller Center, Mark Galey  and Atlanta REIA for help.  Mark Galey went to assess the widows home and came to the conclusion that the project was too large for him to take on so Atlanta REIA joined forces with the Fuller Center to help this widow.  It is going to take months to get this home in shape.  Don DeRosa, Mark Galey and I, Chrissy Griffin have the team to volunteer their time, but we need funds for the materials.  Her bedroom floor was literally caved in as is her kitchen. Their is so much work that needs to be done and too much to go in to detail.  We tore up her bedroom floor the day before Xmas eve and replaced all the sub flooring.  We have loaded 2-30 yard dumpsters from the home and more are needed.  The code enforcement is giving Cindy until March to have her exterior painted and yard cleaned up.  We have cleaned a lot up thus far.  Please any donation will help this widow.  She is in desperate need.  

In October 2016, I began receiving social security disabled widow benefits because I became seriously ill in 2013 and my husband died in March 2014.  Because all my children had moved away, I lived alone for three years.  All my savings were exhausted before my husband died because he was seriously ill for 10 years and bedridden for the last five years of his life.

My house needs serious repairs, and, because my savings are gone, I need help.  The floor in my bedroom needs to be replaced; the floor in my kitchen must be replaced; the floor in my enclosed garage needs to be replaced; the sun room must be torn down; the basement needs to be cleared and the mold and mildew on the walls must be removed and the basement sealed to prevent more moisture from getting into the basement.  Finally, I need a handicapped shower built.  I have been showering at the Y for several years because I don’t yet have one.  Volunteers from the Fuller Center have helped and are going to come back, but I need funds for the materials to fix all these problems in my house.

                The reason I’m writing all this is that I need help paying for the materials to fix all the problems in my house.  I’m asking all of you to help me any way you can.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  God bless you!


Cindy Miller Smith

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