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Hi, my name is Renee, and I am trying to raise money for my dog Winnie. I honestly have never asked for money or donations before, so this is strange. Winnie is my first dog and has been with my family and me for 13 years. She is my best friend and my number one fan. Since yesterday, she has refused to eat and has been sick for two weeks, so we took her in for emergency care today. She is currently going through a kidney disease crisis, and the vet is unable even to check how far along she is with her kidney disease because of how dehydrated she is. We just got off the phone with the Vet and were informed of this. The best option would be to keep her at the hospital for three days and have them aggressively hydrate her with IV fluids to stabilize her kidney levels. This process will cost us $5,500.00 approximately. Even after this, the vet can't guarantee that much of a longer life. I just want her to be able to spend the last parts of her life while not under pain or stress.

She means the world to both my family and me, but we can't afford the total cost. We could afford to pay the downpayment of $2,519.00, but we can't afford the rest and pay for rent and daily expenses. That's why I am asking for the $3000.00, But honestly, any little bit helps. Any donations will go towards this treatment, and any excess contributions will make the last bit of my best friend's life better.

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