Pilgrimage to Leh Ladakh and Mt.Kailash

Pilgrimage to Leh Ladakh and Mt.Kailash

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May this sacred heart journey bring benefit to all sentient beings. Journey begins in Leh Ladakh and will continue on to circumambulate around Holy Mt.Kailash

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I am so very grateful for all of your kind support on this journey. Kalachakra is meditational system from the highest level of Buddhist Practice. It is a serious commitment and offer's practitioners an opportunity to ehance his or her progress to enlightenment. I am very drawn to this particular teaching as many others are too, and I am honored to be able to attend, while holding all of you in my heart and prayers. This Initiation will be givien by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Leh Ladakh. After I attend this teaching it is my highest hope to pilgrimage around Mount Kailash too. As this is the year of the Horse, it is a very auspicious time to circumambulate this Holy Mountain. It is said that a single circumambulation in the year of the Horse, carries the Karmic benefit of 12 circuits. Along this journey we plan to make stops at Monasteries, cliff dwellings, caves, and Temple ruins. It is our groups highest hope to also offer services to some of the local orphanges in Lhasa too. I would like to offer people the opportunity to be apart of this by helping to support this prilgrimage. We are consciously supporting one another and so very interconnected. Knowing that even a small donation or prayer from you, keeps you very much apart of this sacred heart journey, as you will be receiving the blessings too. This is for World Peace.  I will do my best to visualize all of you, as if you were all walking the path right beside me. May we all be free and, comfortable to grow in our virtous endeavors, May we have joy and happiness fill our hearts and minds; May we understand that our energy, is like flowing fields of happiness penetrating the hearts and minds of all sentient beings. =) Many Many Thanks Again and Again.

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