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From Gonzalo Altuna

Hello! My name is Gonzalo, singer songwriter and musician looking to upgrade from my 6th grade keyboard to a more advanced keyboard, a Yamaha P515 for writing and performances. Any support would mean the world!

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I am currently going to be a Junior at WVU pursuing a Bachelors in Environmental and Energy Resource Management with a minor in Vocal Performance. Through my minor, I have been blessed with a number of opportunities to display my art and craft to audiences in ways I never thought I could or would. One performance I had was a master class with Kathy Mattea. It was that Halloween of 2019 that I received my first offer to sign as a recording artist and songwriter to Mon Hills Records. It's the first step to a career of artistry that I have yet to even fathom, an opportunity to write and record my first solo project and tap into myself in ways I never did before. All these blessings, as I continue to lug my chipped Yamaha keyboard my parents gifted me for Christmas when I was just shy of 12. As much as those plastic keys have memories embedded so deeply, I have come to realize as an artist it is time for change, and growth. I have researched the best and most affordable portable keyboards out there, reading and watching almost every review possible, I locked in my target on a Yamaha p515. This realization came to me about a year ago, to where I began to save up every two weeks as each paycheck came in... rent/bills, car troubles, and school tuition were a few minor setbacks but it wasn't until COVID-19 hit the states that my hopes of owning my dream keyboard started to dwindle. Priorities set, jobs got furloughed or lost, and now we are slowly recovering/preparing for a second wave. That is why I am creating this fund pool! In hopes that some members in my community would be willing to support young first generation artists like myself in restarting this mission acquire this beauty so I can use more advanced technologies in my creative process of music writing and production. Any help would mean the world, even if it comes in small portions, it is the belief in me as an artist by my community, that love, that will take me to where I need to be in order to help others. Thank you for reading! 

Have a blessed day,


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