Phone Repair VS Replacement: Which Option Is Best For Me?

Phone Repair VS Replacement: Which Option Is Best For Me?

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With every new issue you might discover on your phone or tablet, you as a consumer face two choices:

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With every new issue you might discover on your phone or tablet, you as a consumer face two choices: to repair your device or replace it. If you’re technically knowledgeable with gadgets, you may be able to repair your device by buying components yourself. This method is beneficial if you’re on a budget and not looking to spend a lot of money on a new phone. If you’d rather not risk irreparable damage from making a mistake while you self-repair and would rather avoid the manual work, you could choose to replace it with a new device. With the help of experts from trufyx, you can determine which option is more suitable for your situation.


Here are some questions you should be asking yourself to help determine which method works best for you.

In the United States the average lifetime of mobile phones is 2.8 years. This is an increase from previous studies which reported that it was around 23 months (just under 2 years).

With more reliable phones and software becoming unique and necessary for every part of our lives, repairing vs getting a new one is also a question of time: will your model become outdated soon because of manufacturer upgrades?

Apple provides 5 years of updates and support for old models. Samsung fluctuates between 3-5 years of updates and support, depending on the model.


If your phone is under 3 years old, in most cases it will be worth repairing it.

The answer to this question is built on two parts: how old is your phone and how damaged is it? If you can sell it after repair and buy a new one, or continue to use it and sell it later on, this might be worthwhile. On the calculator above, we've added the market worth of your device to cover all fronts and give you as much information as possible.


If your phone is damaged, you should also add the times you have repaired it before. If your phone has undergone more than three repairs and you already spent a long time with it, it's probably time to get a new phone because this one will not be of much value on the pre-owned market.

Sometimes, a replacement is inevitable. We listed below all the situations that will force you into buying a new (or refurbished) device:

1.    Your Phone Can’t Update To The Newest Operating System (OS) ‍ If your device is no longer compatible with the newest OS updates, you might be unable to use certain apps. You also risk virus attacks as the system becomes unstable due to lack of OS updates.

2.    Your Phone’s apps start crashing Just like the OS, applications also need constant updating and many of them partially rely on the OS updates. Since the old equipment cannot support updates, apps may start crashing. Another reason crashes happen is due to memory and RAM shortages.

3.    Your Phone’s Speed Slows Down The processor is one of the most important aspects of your phone or tablet. If your phone is equipped with slow processing chips, some apps might fail or freeze for lengthy periods of time. If that happens, and you’d like to try and fix it before investing in a new phone, check out this troubleshooting DIY article.

4.    You Don’t Like Your Phone Camera Quality  Like a processing chip, you cannot change or improve the camera quality. If your camera is not producing satisfying images, you probably need to get a new phone. (Hint: the best camera up to date is the Samsung Galaxy S21 camera).

5.    You Need More Phone Storage If your phone or tablet isn't equipped with an SSD slot to expand your storage, there's not much you can do when you start running out of it. Set some good practices in place to get rid of excessive images, but if you still need more memory, you should look to invest in a new phone with an SSD slot.

To help you decide if your phone or tablet is worth the repair, trufyx is providing a unique phone repair calculator, where you can get an answer within 30 seconds to make an informed decision.


Trufyx started to offer on-demand, on-the-spot service during the pandemic, and it quickly became a hit with many customers.

A technician can be at your location within 3 hours of your call, which is what makes the service so convenient and competitive.

Perks of getting cell phone repair at home

Besides giving you the price and comparison upfront, there are many more perks to getting phone repair services to come to you:


     Peace of mind

     Time Saver

     Money Saver

     Stress Reduction

     100% Transparency

     100% Comfort (socks optional)

At trufyx, it's our goal to make phone repair as efficient, convenient, and productive as possible. You shouldn't expect a phone repair service to interrupt your entire day - it should only take a few minutes at best. We all love to get the most out of every service that we pay, don't we? Here's our recommendation for a fruitful visit:

When you schedule phone repair with trufyx, plan where and when it will happen.

Some ideas: laundromat, library, coffee shop, gym, home, office...

All your technician will need is a table and a chair. They can also perform your repair in their car, if needed.

Please practice social distancing to keep everyone safe.

Before and during your repair, you should be in touch with your tech to ask any questions, get updates about the progress of your repair, and provide feedback when relevant.

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