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Philly Music Hall Legal Fund

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We are fighting for the Hall. We are fighting for alt-sex communities. We are fighting for you. This fight isn’t free. Support the PMH Legal Fund!

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PMH exists for you. Its members. Its communities. 

If you're reading this right now, it's probably because you care about Philly Music Hall. For many of you, the Hall has become a home away from home, a place to be yourself, a sanctuary from the normative and largely judgemental world, a haven for expression, learning and socialization. This is why the Hall exists.

This existence hasn’t always been easy. You may be aware that since before it opened, the Hall has faced mischaracterizing and misleading attacks from members of our local neighborhood association. These members do not speak for the neighborhood of Tacony at large, which we have found to be largely accepting and non-judgemental of the newest social club in the neighborhood.

This is about discrimination.

For those new to the story, PMH is a non-profit private social club (501c7), sanctioned and certified by the IRS. We largely view ourselves as group of individuals pooling our resources for the good of the communities we are trying to grow. 

The decision we are appealing was ultimately based not on the law but purely on discrimination against alt-sex spaces in general and kink in particular.  

We couldn't just fold. To fold would mean to close down the Hall and walk away from everything the community has devoted to it. The Hall and the dignity, safety and legitimacy of alt sex communities was at stake.

So we fought.

A legal committee made up of PMH members and PMH-retained attorneys have spent many hours writing a strong legal brief appealing the Zoning Board’s decision. We are pointing out all the ways in which it was based on inadmissable evidence, ignorance of alt sex communities, bigotry and constitutional violations.

The PMH legal committee has worked behind the scenes for months on consensus-building with City agencies, the Civic Association and their counsel, community leaders and local officials to find a path forward that recognizes the Hall's right to exist as a legitimate Fraternal Organization and maintains the rights and dignity of its members and larger community.

We are fighting for our space. We are fighting for our freedom to build community. We are fighting for you.

In this world freedom isn't free. 

Sexual Freedom is expensive as fuck. 

This fight includes about $15k in legal and filing fees. Since The Hall, is a nonprofit Fraternal Organization it must fund itself primarily through the collective resources of its members and supporters.

We need your help.

Thanks to countless hours of diligent work by members, volunteers, trustees and board members, we believe the Hall’s future is secure and PMH is excited to continue working for and within Philly’s alt-sex communities.

Help fund the fight against ignorance about alt-sex communities informing the law. 

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