Pharming the Phuture

Pharming the Phuture

From Nate Anderson

I’m raising money for my Wellness Airbnb/Indoor Pharm. Donations will go towards the complete build-out of our one-of-a-kind Farm to Patient model. Support my campaign to follow my progress and share with your friends!

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Who are we and why we are doing this:


Hi, I’m Nate.  I have a rare bone marrow disorder/blood cancer, as well as the crippling autoimmune Ankylosing Spondylitis.  For the first year of my diagnosis and after suddenly developing 5 major blood clots that rocked my world, I chose traditional treatment of bloodlettings (phlebotomies), prescription blood thinners, steroids, anti-inflammatories, and pain killers.  It led to several hospitalizations, a 30-day bout with pancreatitis, a loss of 40 lbs, and seemingly irreversible damage to the production of red blood cells in my body.  When you give 800-1000 cc’s of blood every other week, your body gets worn down.  The next step was a major decision—chemotheraputic drugs for the rest of my life…starting with pills (hydroxyurea) and moving to injections (interferon) within a few years.  This would control the production of red blood cells that have gone crazy creating thick blood that clots. 

To make it even more interesting, a few months later I was found out that this new battle wasn't going to be just one disease, but two—Anklyosing Spondylitis.  An autoimmune that fuses the entire spine from the neck, all the way down to the pelvis, and including the hips. It's the same disease that Mick Mars guitarist from Motley Crue and Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons also suffer from. They found my neck had 95% stenosis with bone spurs up and down it and would be in a wheelchair within five years. In order to slow the progression of this disease, I would need to begin injections of biologics.  You mix biologics (Humira) with chemotherapeutic drugs and you have a cocktail of prescription drugs that have more side effects than a $6 dinner at Golden Corral (this is what my buddy Brock Shank would say, lol!).  Add, ulcers on legs and mouth, constant flu symptoms,  sunken eyes, trouble sleeping, possible blindness, weakening of the bones (Just go to their websites and see the site affects they list.  I'll let them speak for themselves.)   I’m supposed to get used to this?  I'm supposed to accept this as the "new norm"?  This took my money, my energy, and my will to even work or get up.  I’ll be too sick to function in society to attempt to make a living, but not sick enough to qualify for government disabilities. 

After almost a year of constant doctor visits, hospital stays, and a wasting-a-way of my body, I turned to cannabis oil.  I hired a consultant in Las Vegas, spoke to doctors on the west coast, and consulted with a woman in San Francisco who beat AS with a specially blended oil in which she grew.  I turned to folks in Europe who were master horticulturists as well as Rick Simpson in Canada who has helped thousands of people find healing through cannabis oil.  The long story, short, I created a special organic blend of several strains of craft cannabis that brought my hematocrit down from 53 to 41 in a few months.  Since, I have completed my treatment, I maintenance dose and haven't had a full phlebotomy since April of 2017 and zero blood clots. It's allowed me to be free of all pharmaceutical drugs for over 2 years. 

This is why I’ve chosen a different path and because of that, I need to move my business to Michigan (or a legal state).  I’m not against medicine!! If I have a heart attack, a stroke, or some kind of major medical traumatic event, you better believe the place I want to go is the hospital—where there are experts there to perform surgery or to diagnose the problem. But, when it comes to treating rare diseases that are popping up everyday, it’s not a “one size fits all”. We need choices, not threats of; “get used to it.” For me, cannabis is working. I have found strains that have worked wonders for diseases that were otherwise treated with antiquated methods like “bloodletting.” One method turns my depression and pain into a smile and ability to work… the other makes me very sick, unable to get out of bed, and many times unable to walk. Because of my desire to live well, live happily, live free, I’m forced to live sick, unable to walk, and broke if I want help with traditional methods.  I want to help people have access to custom strains, top quality organic meds, nutrient-dense superfoods, and above all else a place that is safe and free of stress. The biggest struggle in a person who has been diagnosed with a life-changing disease is the constant stress of trying to keep up and be normal….going the extra mile…enduring the pain…and try to just “fit in.” Anderson Pharms will be just that--A wellness Airbnb with a state of the art indoor organic garden, training, rooms to stay in, as well as a dispensary all in one.  Imagine for just a moment, if you were diagnosed with PTSD or you've been battling for years with an autoimmune that traditional meds can't seem to treat, a place you can come, release all stress, walk the garden, choose your strains, pick fresh superfoods, and enjoy a few nights in a non-judgemental, stress free place while getting your meds?  WOW!!!  The first FARM TO PATIENT, where not only can a patient come stay, get their meds, relax, but there will be training as well if they choose to start their own farm.  The perfect environment for healing, peace, and laughter.  HAPPINESS!

Our contributors have the most incredible opportunity to help us achieve the goal of bringing this dream into a reality. We have already dumped over $25,000 into this project, and have several companies that have hopped on board with the vision.  This is the beginning of “first line defense with the least amount of side effects.”  You are helping people get help that maybe not have been able to get relief traditionally or couldn’t handle the side effects from the drugs. 

By helping us reach our goal not only are you saving one family from disability, but hundreds of people in the future that want to try cannabis for their medicine, but have it customized for them.  Did you know that each person that files and is awarded disability is confined to a life of poverty, slavery, and cost taxpayers at least $1200/month ( That's called a "lose-lose."  We are looking for "win-wins".  

By joining us, you will also be joining small American companies that believe in helping others who struggle with rare diseases, cancers, autoimmunes, and things like PTSD, epilepsy, etc.  Many of their companies were built on these same principles, or they found themselves in a position like myself where they were too sick to work for a company, but not sick enough to qualify for disability.  Riverponics is our equipment company.  Matthew, the owner/inventor of this system has worked closely with us and developed an incredible, zero waste, closed-loop system that gives the benefits of organic soil growing, but the speed of hydroponics. He holds several patents for his brewer and innovative system.  Orca is a phenomenal company that has taken the latest reflective technology from the solid-state lighting field and created a high-performance reflective surface to supplement the primary lighting source in hydroponic greenhouses and grow rooms.  We feel so fortunate to be working alongside them.

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