Pete Randall-Former Fellow Realtor Battling Cancer

Pete Randall-Former Fellow Realtor Battling Cancer

From Melissa Stanford

Please consider offering a helping hand to a Former Fellow Realtor, Pete Randall, who has been diagnosed w/ terminal Stage 4 Cancer. He is too sick most days to work & will need financial help to cover his daily bills.

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If you know Pete you know he would help anyone should the need arise.  Pete needs our help now! He is a former fellow Realtor who deactivated his license earlier this year due to being constantly and mysteriously ill. 

After, multiple visits back and forth to his doctors he posted this on Facebook on April 22nd, "So I've gotten reports from both the surgeon and my oncologist. Both are in agreement. I have cancer that started in my gall bladder or the bile ducts of my liver. It has now spread to my liver and stomach lining. Because it has spread, there are no surgical treatments and it is already considered Stage 4. In a nutshell, the cancer is Terminal. I will begin Palliative Chemo Therapy in hopes of reducing the amount of cancer in my body and extending the quality of my life to something more significant."

I have personally reached out to Pete to ask how we can help and the most immediate need at the moment would be financial help to keep his lights on, rent paid, and Ensure which is mostly all he is able to digest at the moment. If you would kindly consider making a donation no matter how big or small this would be a wonderful help to Pete who could really use a helping hand from all of us. Thanks in advance. 

"The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others." - Albert Schweitzer.

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