Personal for family of 6 struggling more then ever

Personal for family of 6 struggling more then ever

From James Reidinger

Covid19 has hit us very hard as a family. We are on the brink of losing almost everything. We live on 1 income. The only assistance we receive is food share. Please help us have a decent holiday season. Thank you

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Hello anyone willing to read this I appreciate it beyond belief. Covid19 has hit our family very hard. We are currently living on 1 income for the past year. My wife hasnt been working due to some mental health issues, being a stay at home mom and covid19 in general. Just need help paying some utilities Ive attached in my photos. We have 2 vehicles and only 1 is running. My income literally covers basic necessities, house payment, car insurance, cell phone bill, internet(which we need for my 12 year old and 14 year old sons who arent in school due to virtual learning). Every other expense can't be paid. Luckily food is covered by our state program. We also have a 2 year old daughter & a 4 year old daughter. Christmas this tear is barely possible. We are hoping for another Government stimulus but Washington politicians aren't very grand on caring about the little people right now. I hate asking for money but I don't know what else to do. Im in a corner! My wife doesn't even know I'm doing this. Could be a huge surprise if someone comes through for us. I do not expect help. I only hope I get lucky enough that someone is actually well enough off they can help without hurting their own finances. Its more less a cry for help if anyone is out there. If you take just the time to read this without giving money that alone means a lot. About $4000.00 would help get us back on track. Obviously ANY help is good though. Beggars can't be choosers. 

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