People with Physical Disabilities Developing Independence

People with Physical Disabilities Developing Independence

From Pat Alford

Oneness Mobility Services installs and maintains all types of handicap accessible equipment ranging from small cars to coach buses enabling physically challenged people to be independent and provide for themselves.

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Early 1998 Oneness Mobility Services (Oneness) was a dream; later that year Oneness became a reality with wings.  We grew to a level that could serve more and more people, later things begin slowing down and we are asking for your help and support to fly again, these are trying time. Now we are hit with the Coronavirus which is making life come to a stand-still and we need your support.

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Oneness Mobility Services (Oneness) was founded by Robert (Bob) Alford Jr. in June 1998.  Oneness is the only African American company of its type in the United States.  The company, is located in Prince Georges County, it installs and maintains all types of handicap accessible equipment ranging from small cars to coach buses.   This service enables many physically challenged people the opportunity to be independent and provide for their own needs.

The Company’s humble beginnings were primarily financed with personal funds and income from a small generated client base.  Its’ first vehicle modification and installation shop for people with disabilities was located at 3831 Penn Belt Place, Forestville Maryland 20747.  This small building was 1500 square feet, and served the company’s needs for a short period of time.  However, as the company grew and the need for a larger space became evident, an adjacent property was rented, expanding the space to 3000 square feet. 

This location enabled Bob and his team to provide maintenance and repair services for commercial, Para Transit vehicles and buses.  Other services included raising roofs, doors and installing lifts in vans.  Subsequently, this increase created a further need to expand the company and as a result, two additional buildings located nearby were rented.

By year 2003, a facility located at 7620-A Penn Belt Drive Forestville MD became available.  The property allowed the company to consolidate the four locations and increase square footage.  The move to this location was based on the growth in clients and the acquisition of additional contracts. 

Now ten years later, based on increased growth and the development of a new concept, Oneness Mobility has moved across the street to-a-new, larger location. The move to the new location resulted from feasibility studies conducted by the company as well as its response to the needs of its customers.   Oneness Mobility Services with its’ increased square footage now provides a more handicapped friendly environment.  It is equipped with lounge/waiting area, a Resource Center, and a showroom to display the new handicap vans.

Our Goal

Our goal is for this not to be the only African-American company of its kind in the USA, but the beginning of something bigger and better of its kind. There is a need for more advancement in this field which will help people of all kinds, because disabilities come upon all types and kinds of people.

Since the need is so necessary, we want to continue with an excellent service skill and to continue with well-trained technicians, here the customer is always first.  No one wants anything else to happen to them once they are disabled. Our customers want to be treated special but not as if they are a problem or not capable.

Future Opportunities

The company would like to hire employees with different backgrounds to train in this area of skill with the hope that they will become entrepreneurs in this field of work.  Emphasis will be placed on science and engineering students who are interested in pursuing a career in this profession, or who are involved in work study or similar school placement programs.   

There is much competition in this field of business, but there are also more clients in need of service than there are qualified/certified service providers.  When the demographics in this area are examined a full picture of the number of people to be served is achieved.  The demographics include wounded warriors, people with spinal cord injuries and people who have lost limbs among other mobility issues.  As such the need for more qualified providers is great.  Through the training of our youth, people with disabilities and people with a lifelong love of learning, many unemployed and underemployed persons particularly in this world of need for work and a desire to become an entrepreneur this could be a place for them to start.  The times we are in today means there is evenl greater need for help.  

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