PHIER-powered Solutions

PHIER-powered Solutions


We believe that the power of the people is stronger than the people in power when we organize, buy as a group and work as a team. We are raising funds for marketing, staffing and launching our membership drive.

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More Info believes that by joining forces and leveraging strength in numbers, we can influence the cost of health-related goods and services, create local jobs and help safety net programs better leverage the strengths of the local community.  This can be accomplished by our 3 membership drives:

  • PHIERSale - Uses our members' collective buying power to negotiate for volume discounts for health-related goods and services.

  • PHIERworks - Uses revenues generated by PHIERSale to train consumers, caregivers and job seekers to use existing tools and resources for patient care and coordination.  After training and passing a background check, job seekers can be placed with local community organizations and safety net programs, earning a living wage or better, with benefits.

  • PHIERplace - Is a directory, resource matching and referral service designed to help community organizations to more actively participate in coordinated interventions, or to sign up for tools, training, resources, support, performance-based grants, and membership rewards.

These plans, when taken together, can deliver many of the benefits associated with a good insurance plan.  Howevrer, unlike the private insurers, we will give the benefits away for free to the bottom 90% of earners - to prove that universal coverage is nowhere as difficult to achieve as we've been led to believe.

The more that join, the bigger the discounts, the more jobs and health homes we can create for the benefit of all.  It's us taking care of ourselves.

If you can donate $1 or more to get the ball rolling, we are sure you will be glad you did because you'll get back a lot more than you give.  

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Thank you!

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