Pennies for Alexandra

Pennies for Alexandra

From Kerry B. Henry

Little Alexandra is struggling every single minute of the day to just get to the next. She was born with Mitochondrial disease which requires her to be on machines most of the day, not including seizures and much more.

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Alexandra was born with Mitochondrial disease and has been very I'll from day One. There are so many symptoms that vary from day to day but some of the main ones are: she's unable to eat and enjoy her food like we d do but is fed thru a peg tube. She has many seizures and episodes that we never know if she will survive the next. She's unable to be the little girl she is and enjoy those happy years. She spends the majority of her t UK me with doctors, nurses and her mom. She is such a beautiful child with so much joy and k dness but this disease is taking it away day by day. This is an incurable disease.  Despite the horrific  things and tests she undergoes, the feeling caused by her body's cells and the many others, she tries to always be cheerful and very intelligent.  All of this takes A LOT of money and her mother is only able to work part time in order to stay with her since she needs 24 hour care. A sitter is not full time because of cost. Beyond her insurance, her medications, supplies, foods and doctors take literally every penny for Alexandra.

Right now, there is only 1 working  window unit in the entire two story home. The central cooling and heating has gone out due to old age. This greatly impacts how she feels as well. There just isn't any extra money for anything. She needs your help! Her mother needs your help. Please find it in your hearts to donate whatever you can and just know that the reciever will be more than appreciative and every single PENNY FOR ALEXANDRA  will be used to its fullest. Her sweet life is already cut short, let's come together and make it as enjoyable and comfortable as we can. Thank you all.

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