Peculiar Hope: Suicide Help in Christian Church Environments

Peculiar Hope: Suicide Help in Christian Church Environments

From Kimberly Engley

I am raising money to up-start a Non-Profit that will educate and provide comfort for Christians who struggle with Clinical/Non-Clinical Major Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts. The goal is to spread His light and love.

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All money is to be raised for the new Non-profit idea. I would like to hire professional Christian Therapists to help me create a plan where I could go around Christian church's and teach the important statistics, and share my personal testimony as well. 

My testimony and recent events in the news has triggered a felt need for me to do something about the silence revolving Depression, Stigma, Suicidal Thoughts, Medication, and Comfort. 

With all this being said, I know how serious a topic this all is. I was hospitalized twice for suicidal attempts and thoughts due to Major Depressive Disorder triggered by PTSD. 

This is not a mission I take lightly and I wish to hire a trained therapist to help me right out helpful tools in the Christian Community. How to be there for a hurting sheep. And perhaps also to go over some helpful skills for people who can't afford therapy, or just need to hear this topic more often to know they are not alone. 

Given the news of a recent Pastor's death by suicide- I find this Non-Profit Urgent to create. And it has been a dream of mine to help the broken-hearted in any way possible. Especially those struggling with the oh-so silenced topic of suicide, fear, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. 

I look to not over-generalize this topic, but also to become an organization that can actually help save Christian, and who knows maybe even non-Christian lives!!!!! 

This is not something to miss out on. Lets help save the crushed.

I have seen the wrongs done in my situation.

Most of all- I long to be a loving ear to those who need someone to speak or type to. I would like to be the change I want to see in the world. And the voice of truth in this area that I rarely hear about that takes many lives due to the shame and silence coupled with it. 

I love you, and He loves you.

We thank you,

Kim <3

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