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Bunnie's Hope Fund

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To Promote Motivate, help create Innovative ideals as well as activities for my daughter whom is blind. To help form an atmosphere totally ensuring my daughter has a Great Life.

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Altho Ebone's father was a wonderful man. I as her only living parent recently noticed that as my daughter grows,so does her needs. Since Im growin older and somewhat weaker, my daughter is growing older and more stronger each day. I provide her total daily care, with the exception of going to school. Yes, this can be a tad bit overwelming. Nevertheless, it is still much of a great honor. She is my motivation and from this day to the next, I am dedicated to creating an atmosphere and a cause solely in serving the needs of my daughter in more ways than a few. My "ACTIONS" will result in my daughters "REACTIONS". You will recievce updates, and observe much needed Growth & Developement on my daughters progress as well as receive FREE gifts.(randomly picked) Thanks for taking your time to stop by my page.

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For those of you that personally know us, know that my bundle of joy was born to me blind and with physical & mental challenges.  She is close to being what most consider legally grown. This for me means "Conservatorship". My Bunnie will most likely NOT go off to college, Not move into her own place (independently), Not produce boy troubles nor glamBabies..etc. etc. Sooo Bunnie will forever be my baby. I'd just like to ensure and continue to do my part in providing Bunnie with  the most safest and essential tools in life.

Ebone Janai-Necoe Coleman aka Bunnie (Cali name:Da BunSTAR) born: 6/16/1993. 

 My daughter while in utero was exposed to what doctors have said to be (in lemans terms) an air bourne virus called RUEBELLA MEASLES.This virus attacked various parts, major parts of Bunnies brain. Including the part of the brian that controls eye sight. Also stimming from this was years of uncontrollable seizures. We have been and are Blessed, certainly to know and believe that the Good Lord does NOT put no more on a person, then what they can surely bare. I can Testify to that.

At a point in Bunnies life the seizures were totally uncontrollable. However, I prayed in detail asking God to deliver her from the seizures because I could definatly see her eagerness to learn,assuring him that i could handle her disabilitly if he'd jus deliver her from the seizures. Delighted to say, she has been  seizure free now for over 10 years..  I mean Bunnie would have over 150 petite mall seizures a day, giving me a  bitter and helpless feeling. Having to wear a helmet and prescribed medications  some i could NOT even pronounce. Medi-cal recently paid for a shoe "lift" in one of her shoes, Nevertheless, after 8 years of debate . Now to those of you unfamiliar with  the term "lift" its a sugical process which adds height to one or both shoes, this helps with leg length  discrepancy.

Today Life is somewhat better. We can now consider reaching some realistic LIFE goals.The right amount of FAITH we got thru that. So I trust and know thru the next milestones of her life we can and will surely get thru. Just seeking to promote a cause that will change a life. So Please bare with Us as this is my first time attempting to reach out to friends family etc, for such help.

Thanks Pebbles

 ALSO, coming soon we will have Da  "BunSTAR" logo sweat shirts, Tee's and other small Trinkets to help Fund her cause.

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