Our Community Garden - A Ministry of Hope and Peace

Our Community Garden - A Ministry of Hope and Peace

From Deborah Hoyle

Planting Seeds of Change - "Jeremiah 29:11"

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About Our Organization

Hello Friend,

Our organization - The Home Education Association & Co-ops of Georgia, Inc. a Nonprofit Organization committed to home school education, character education, and community awareness. We are actively doing something about the violence against youth and we are using our organization to be a voice and ministry to individuals who hurt due to bullying, physical, and emotional harm.

We are using our organization by uplifting Mrs. Patricia (Patty) Koser, mother of slain teenager - Alexander Koser (16 yrs. old) who was murdered by his stepfather in their home on February 12, 2012. We met with Patty on Friday, January 11, 2013 and she is "ready to get this project on the road!" We are grateful for Patty and family who all look forward to the garden dedication. We want to keep the legacy of Alexander ALIVE! and comfort his mom by letting her know that a year after his death that we have not forgotten his beautiful soul and how he greatly impacted others in such positive ways!

Our Campaign

In the wake of overwhelming youth violence and senseless acts of murder we are raising funds for the rebuilding and healing of youth communities.

Alpharetta, GA, experienced and is still healing from the tragic death of Alexander (Alex) Koser, 16 years old. who was shot to death by his stepfather at point blank range using a 12-gauge shotgun on February 12, 2012, in their family home, while his siblings hid in their closets. His death made national news and left us stunned as a community. The parents, clergy, children, are still in thought and healing about his senseless murder. Since then, there have been so many senseless acts of violence against youth in our community and nation wide. Our organization chooses to do something about it and Alex's mother wants to help and work with us to do something constructive and healing in memory of her son.

What Are We Doing?

We choose to do something about it! We choose to do more than talk! We choose to be active, to raise or voices and put our hands to work to help survivors heal by participating in community forums and projects that bring awareness and healing.

We stand united in spirit with the affected communities in Atlanta, New York, Connecticut and communities where youth are suffering from bullying, assault and murder. We have embarked upon a project to host youth summits and to help affected communities design and build Peace Path Gardens as a Ministry of Hope and Peace.

During the Spring of 2013, we will hold our first Youth Peace Summit and dedicate a portion of our first urban communty garden in remembrance of Alex; naming it Alex's Peace Path - A Children's Learning Garden 

(see www.heacofga.org and clck the Community Garden Project link.)

We plan to partner with other communities in Atlanta, New York, and Sandy Hook CT, to hold Peace Path Summits with area youth/community to plant Peace Path Gardens in their neighborhoods.

How You Can Help!

First, donate and understand that no donation is too small. Maybe you will be the first to donate. Maybe you will be the last, however we know that the first step starts with one. Often, people look at the dollar amount and choose not to be the "one" to contribute, and if the campaign amount is low...not to be the one to help. However, this worthy cause could use your help - "E Pluribus Unum," a Latin phrase that means: "Out of Many, One!" Also, if our organization should reach our campaign goal, we can continue to receive donations and welcome any and all funding towards our cause (we are a nonprofit.)

With your help we can partner with other communities starting with communities in Atlanta and Alpharetta Georgia, New York (Far Rockaway), and Connecticut (Sandy Hook) to conduct Peace Path Summits and plant Peace Path Gardens. Help us to enlarge and increase the vision of Alex's Peace Path Garden which will be located from the backyard of a historic church site in Alpharetta, GA - The Tabernacle Baptist Church, then outreaching to other communities nation wide.

What We Need

We need funds to continue to plan and plant Peace Path Gardens, to host Peace Summits, visit schools, and spread our message. We have requested the help of the Home Depot, Lowes, the Roswell Garden Club, Alpharetta High School, St. James United Methodist Church, Tabernacle Baptist Church, the Community of Christ of North Atlanta Church, World Harvest Church in Alpharetta, Kroger's Supermarket, local merchants, and individuals. All will participate in some manner from offering expertise in landscaping, building, and to assist in subsidizing costs for supplies. However, we still need funds and can not complete or fully begin this project without funding!

Our successful funding and meeting our goals will enable us to partner with two affected local Atlanta communities, a Far Rockaway Community in New York, and a local communty organization in Sandy Hook, CT to assist the student's and families in planting Peace Path Gardens and conducting Summits. 

What Will We Do With Your Donations?

Your Funds will help us to organize project planners for travel to collaborate efforts, build gardens and organize summits. In addition, your funds will help with the purchase of communication tools; prepardness safey plans, and youth summit planning.

This campaign is important becasue it allows children and their greater communities to gather, talk, learn, participate in building awareness by doing something that is therapeutic and tangible while helping in the healing process. That's MAJOR!

Participating communities, with your help and donations, will plant favorite flowers of all the victims; and plant bushes, gardens and trees to be dedicated as spaces for reflection. These gardens will also serve as learning gardens for eco-awareness that compliment the students school's science/math/writing programs. Students will be able to write healing stories, songs, poetry, plays, participate in the garden design and landscape as part of the Peace Path experience. 

Won't you give? Please visit our website at www.heacofga.org and see our Community Project for Schools page that we initiated as a result of Feb. 2012 tragedy involving Alexander Koser of Alpharetta, GA.

Our Gift to You

We will send all who contribute to this worthy cause weekly updates, pictures of work from all communities and thank you mementos (cards, plaques, and video.)

HEACofGA - The Home Education Association and Co-ops of Georgia is a Nonprofit Corporation licensed within the State of Georgia. Website:www.heacofga.org.

Thank You for Your Willingness to Be a Part of the Healing!

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