Pay off some bills

Pay off some bills

From Bridget Sullivan

For years, we have gone out of our way to help family. Friends. We got into debt, we work. Health is suffering, burnt out, .and only 150 a week is what i am bringing in. We need help. We have pets, family. Disability.

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As mentioned, we got into debt, trying to help others.   We are getting burnt out, and still don't seem to be getting ahead because of interest rates.  We want to pay off the cars, loans, and credit cards.  Yes - we live rural, so cars are necessary.  We have pets.  One person works most of the time. I am on disability.  We have a grown up autistic child, who thankfully, is working but 300 per week is not able to afford to live and support themselves, but they pay some bills.   I tried to postpone a payment to invest in a crypto scam. I was so desperate, and got conned further, putting us behind.  We could be worse, and am thankful that we have each other.  We got Faith. But because we have worked, and one of us is working, we are denied many benefits,.  Nobody takes into account the costs that the working people pay.   Burn out is real, but a person must keep going.   Paying off some of these loans, would make the burden lighter.    I know many are in the same boat.   Right now - i have put off so much medical, it's not funny anymore.   I have several broken teeth, and it hurts.    We don't drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs.   Couldn't afford to with the bills!    

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