Pattipalooza (Fundraiser for Patti Mobley)

Pattipalooza (Fundraiser for Patti Mobley)

From Kate Mills

Funding out of pocket medical costs, travel & missed work, for a coworker/friend battling a neuromuscular disorder for past 4 yrs. See Patti’s story below. PLEASE SHARE ON FACEBOOK!!

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Patti Mobley, is the dedicated wife and amazing mom that lives down the street.  She’s the neighbor who was there to help before you even thought to ask.  Through her superior skills as a Therapist, she has helped countless clients at Peret and Moy Therapy over the past with their stiff joints, pains in various body parts, sore muscles and strains.  Incredibly, she is able to make patients laugh even while causing them pain, in a style that only Patti can pull off.  She was the Trainer at Kent Island High School (1999-2006) and one of the first on the field when your child did not get up right away.  She has never turned her back on anyone in need.

Now Patti is the one in need.  Since 2014, she has been struggling with a variety of symptoms, including but not limited to, numbness and weakness in her legs and arms, pain in the muscles of her legs, visual impairments, confusion and impaired memory. After multiple tests, conflicting diagnosis and ineffective attempts at treatment, Patti sought the opinion of a Lyme’s specialist in New York.  Over the following months, she made several round trips for multiple tests and consultations.  She was given a treatment regimen that could be supervised by her local medical providers. Multiple rounds of strong antibiotics caused several side effects that had to be treated or endured, when treatment was not an option.

In the fall of 2017, Patti was finally told that the Lyme’s virus appeared eradicated, which we all briefly celebrated.  Unfortunately, the anticipated relief never fully materialized and after a couple months, the majority of her symptoms returned.  Patti continued to suffer from severe fatigue, joint pain and weakness, which often necessitated the use of a cane at work.  After another round of consultations with specialists, the diagnosis of Chronic Inflammatory Demylenating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) was rendered.  It was determined that Patti’s system was left vulnerable by the Lyme’s virus and at the mercy of another virus that attacked her nerves in a manner similar to Multiple Sclerosis.  

    Patti is currently receiving treatment for CIDP and, as commonly is the case with neuromuscular diseases, does not have a reliable prognosis of what she can expect in the coming years.

    Through all of these trials, Patti has continued to work at the clinic, even if it meant using her cane to get around to her patients.  There are days she would come into work wearing sunglasses because her headaches were so severe.  

    Once Patti initiated infusion treatments, she has experienced significant relief from her symptoms, usually 2-3 days following her last infusion.  She  gets infused for 2 consecutive days that require she be off work.   Currently, Patti is getting these infusions every 3 wks.  Insurance does not cover the treatments fully.  In addition to absorbing the remaining costs of these treatments, Patti has had to deal with taking regular time off work for her treatments, costs of over the counter medications and supplements, as well as increased prescription costs. 

    Through everything she has endured over the past several years, everyone that knows Patti will give testament to the fact that she never turns down a request for help or hesitates at an opportunity to use her depth of skills and knowledge to treat anyone who is in need.    Incredible as it sounds, it is rare to see her without a smile and truly enjoying helping those around her, even on the days she was clearly struggling with her own pain and emotional stress.  

    We wanted to give everyone that knows Patti, has somehow benefited from her kindness, has enjoyed her sense of humor, or has witnessed her struggle, a chance to give something back to her.  We feel that now is the perfect time to let Patti know, how many people she has touched and influenced even in a small way.  Even though we can’t change her medical situation or outlook, we can lighten her load and significantly decrease the financial strain she, and her family have endured.

    We appreciate everyone’s time and support in this effort, no matter what you are able to give, it will be greatly appreciated.  We hope to see everyone at Pattipalooza on May 23, at the Crab Deck! Link for info and discounted advance tickets below.

    TICKETS $30/$40 at the door:

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