Patricia Driscoll Was There for Us, Now She Needs Us!

Patricia Driscoll Was There for Us, Now She Needs Us!

From Steve Toth

We are raising funds to help cover the costs of legal fees for a domestic violence victim. No one should have to fight DV alone!

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Here is what a big heart looks like in a small package.  Patricia Driscoll makes it her life’s mission to take care of the military and their family.  Active duty, Reserve, Retired or family member; everyone who has felt her touch has felt her deep commitment to us all.

I’ve had the privilege to represent Air Force at Nascar Troops to the Track program she so proudly ran.  I witnessed Patricia working many hours greeting military personnel and their families; giving us tours, souvenirs, time with drivers and truly memorable experiences. Her son Houston took the children of the military families under his wing showing them around the pits and other areas while fielding questions about what it was like to ride in a race car and arrive in the middle of Charlotte Motor Speedway in a helicopter. For those suffering from PTSD and depression this was an experience that changed lives and brought them back out of the darkness.

The things she has done to assist working with those suffering from PTSD resulting from serving in a war zone is untouchable. She has shed light on the internal terrors our service members face through her advocacy work and her documentary and books. She has quietly passed laws to help families of the wounded receive greater services and financial aid through the government. She has been the voice for so many who are in a dark place and can’t speak for themselves. She has worked tirelessly to reduce the suicide rate among service members.

Many see her as the face of the PTSD battle but it’s the personal time she gives that truly makes her special. One such occasion was December 24, 2014, while in the midst of a publicly humiliating domestic violence trial of her own, she took the time to help one of our Airman who was shot in a domestic violence situation. We called all of the big Veteran organizations but no one wanted to help.  Through the relationship she and my wife have created, my wife was able to reach out to Patricia and get not only this Airman some financial help but Patricia flew the airman’s loved ones up to the hospital where she laid injured and gave them food and paid for their hotels They never could have afforded this on their own. On Christmas, yes Christmas Day- Patricia traveled up to the hospital and spent a great deal of time with this Airman’s family, bringing them food and bringing calm to the storm in a strange city.  She continued to care for this family in the weeks to follow.

The last 2 years have not been as kind to Patricia as the media has well OVER documented. As a victim of domestic violence, she had to defend herself against a person whom she loved, but as a professional athlete had far greater resources to fight with. Although she was successful in getting a restraining order, it cost her over $60,000.  She had to deal with death threats from fans after her ex-boyfriend’s suspension and to this day, she still receives threats. After receiving the restraining order, she’s had to fight PR machines and smear campaigns to destroy her credibility. To make matters worse, her ex-husband teamed up with her ex-boyfriend during the Domestic Violence trial to take her son from her. She spent over $70,000 in legal fees once again a few months later. She has had to defend herself and her actions while leading a non-profit organization who is no longer bringing in the amount of donations as it once was when under her leadership.  She still is having to defend herself in the court of public opinion while she is facing yet another year of court battles over money that is owed to her and alleged money the IRS says she owes. 

These things have not only taken an emotional toll on her but truly costing her a fortune in legal bills. Those of us who know her know the truth behind the smear campaign. Whether you know her or not, take it from a service member who does- we believe in her.

She helped us, now it’s time we take a stand for her.

We are asking for anyone that has been helped by the organizations and efforts that Patricia has worked on—DONATE what they can to help her get through this next phase of the saga I call, “Leaving the past where it belongs and moving on.”  She is trying to move on but no one, including the media seems to want to allow that to happen.

Don’t leave this Domestic Violence victim behind…Won’t you join me in helping her cover her legal bills?

With my heartfelt thanks,

TSGT Steve Toth

USAF Reserves

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