Parvo Puppy Hospitalization

Parvo Puppy Hospitalization

From Kevin Hwang

Tobi, who is an 11-week-old Maltese/Maltipoo mix that was rescued about a week ago was diagnosed with a deadly virus called parvo virus.

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Hello, my name is Kevin, and my wife and I rescued our puppy on Saturday (10/22) from an organization called PetEmber. Tobi is an 11-week-old Maltese/Maltipoo mix and has been such a good puppy with tons of energy until this past Friday (10/28) when he started vomiting at 10 PM out of nowhere. He continued to vomit yellow bile and gag every 30 min, so we took him to Orange County Emergency Animal Clinic at 2 AM. (10/29)

The doctor told us that he was positive for parvo, and we just broke down. We barely even knew what parvo was, and didn't have any pet insurance at this point. We left him to get treated that night at the ER, which cost us almost $900 for his ~4hrs of treatment.

We picked Tobi back up around Saturday 7AM (10/29) because the ER clinic closed and opened back up at 12 PM. We drove to three different vets before one of them decided to take him in at 9 AM to watch him closely and put him back on liquids and the works. The day hospitalization cost us another $1,065 in vet bills.

We picked Tobi back up from the vet at 4:30PM (10/29) and the doctor stated he was eating, pooing, peeing, and roaming around regularly, so it'd be okay to see how he does at home for the time being since he knew the bills were a lot to handle at almost $2,000 at this point. We took him home, and he ate dinner with his meds, so we decided to monitor him for the night.

Sunday morning (10/30) 7AM come; he's slow and doesn't eat or drink anything. Tobi has gotten more lethargic at this point. After dicussing with our vet to get some guidance on what to do; we try to syringe feed him some food, meds, karo syrup, and nutri-cal at different times in the morning & afternoon. He throws up once and gags here and there with no diarrhea. It's 4 PM, and he becomes extremely lethargic and doesn't move much.

We took him back to the ER at 7 PM (10/30), so he could stay there overnight to get some IV fluids and antibiotics in his system, which cost another $700 in ER bills. We picked him up this morning (10/31) at 7:30 AM, and he's lost a pound from his already tiny body (he was 5.3 lbs Friday night). I took him straight to the primary care at 8 AM, and am waiting for another update in hopes that he can perk up again and start eating.

Tobi is fighting through this, but the financial burden is very straining. The vet bills are only racking up, and he might have to be hospitalized for at least another few days.

Thank you so much for reading; the donations will be used to cover Tobi's hospitalization/vet bills.

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