Pals against MALS- Fundraiser for Christa Provenzano

Pals against MALS- Fundraiser for Christa Provenzano

From Samantha Provenzano

This is a campaign to aid with medical costs associated with Christa Provenzano’s diagnosis of MALS.

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For those of you who know Christa and her journey these past few years, you know it has been anything but easy. Recently, she was diagnosed with yet another rare disease, called MALS (median articulate ligament syndrome). 

In March 2017, Christa was diagnosed with both Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome and Nutcracker Syndrome after being named a "medical mystery" and misdiagnosed for over 2 years. Prior to her diagnosis, she was mistreated for Chrons disease and multiple other incorrect illnesses, which only prolonged her unknown condition. Taking the reins, her and her husband Joe changed health insurance multiple times in hopes to get in with the best doctors at Duke Hospital. She was finally properly diagnosed, seen, and treated by both the chief of vascular and chief of gastroenterology surgeons. Although both of these surgeries were successful, unfortunately that was not the end of the road for Christa. 

2 months after her initial surgeries, she had started to experience constant and severe abdominal pain. Along with this pain came tightness in her chest and inability to take deep breaths. She described it as a feeling of constant strangulation. She could not even take a sip of water without enduring excruciating pain as it made it's way down. Again, taking matters into her own hands, she did her research and was able to pinpoint exactly what she thought she had. Upon requesting the necessary tests from her doctors, it was confirmed: MALS. 

In the next couple of months, Christa will be traveling to Connecticut to see one of the only doctors in the country who will perform the surgery she needs to finally get her quality of life back. She can't wait to eat, talk, and breathe normally once again. Being that this surgeon is out of network, insurance will not cover it. Our fundraising goal is only a mere portion of the amount we need to get this surgery underway. Anything helps!!

For those of you who know Christa, to see her bedridden and not able to enjoy exercising, yoga, shopping, concerts- all of her favorite things, is absolutely heartbreaking. Christa has been a warrior through all of it, but we are ready for her battle to be over (and won!). 

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