Painting Raffle To Benefit Bethany Heckman

Painting Raffle To Benefit Bethany Heckman

From Heather Rapp

I am raffling off a 24x36 commissioned painting of Lone Peak ($1700 value) to benefit my friend Bethany Heckman who has been met with some terrible health issues recently and is in need of help with medical bills.

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As many of you may know, Bethany is one of the best people on the planet.--One of the best people who has recently been met with some of the worst luck.

In the fall of 2017, doctors discovered cervical cancer while she was pregnant with her daughter, Eleanor. At the urging of her doctors, she chose to undergo a hysterectomy to lessen the chances of her cancer returning and spreading to other organs. Less than 5 years later, her left leg, foot, and toes started to swell to twice their normal size. After months of doctor's appointments, she was ultimately diagnosed with Lymphedema - a condition caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system that leads to a build-up of fluid in soft body tissues. Bethany's lymphedema was caused by her hysterectomy - the surgery she thought would keep her healthy.

Here's what we know: Lymphedema is not curable - it's only treatable.

For the foreseeable future, and possibly for the rest of her life, Bethany will need daily, weekly, or in the best case scenario - monthly lymphatic draining treatments that are not, and/or minimally covered by her health plan.

Right now she is being treated five days a week with a copay that would hurt even the fullest of wallets. What's more, she's required to purchase many custom compression wraps necessary for treatment (she needs both a day and a night version that must be replaced every six months and can cost up to $2500 a pop).

And on top of it all, there's the realization that because of this disease, her life and body may never look or feel the same way they did a matter of months ago. Prioritizing mental health because of this is a necessity, but with the physical bills already piling up, affording a therapist is out of the question at this time.

If you know Bethany, then you have likely been blessed with the humor, kindness, and loving positivity she exudes. She's a fast friend to all she meets and is always eager to help those in need. Let's give that same love and kindness back to her and hopefully she can finally catch a small break courtesy of those who love her. Thank you.

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