Brandi's Pacific Wonderland Home Purchase

Brandi's Pacific Wonderland Home Purchase

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*INFO PAGE ONLY-Due to Fundly Fees, please use VENMO* Many of you have visited, and lovingly come to think of this home as your vacation timeshare - we can now make that official. This is an easy way to include you all.

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Home-ownership of this property is possible - For bank financing, it will require over ten-thousand dollars of work and a couple years to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: to avoid the 4% Stripe fee on Fundly donations, use Venmo - its FREE, and donations are all tracked and accounted for!

All funds will be held in a dedicated account until closing - Should something unforeseeable prevent the purchase, all donations will be returnable until the sale is final.

Creating a home that is ready for guests at a moment's notice - Plans include building two guests cabins, installing power for camper spots, and improving the lower camping area.There is more, but its a secret.

I am ready to forever-home - I have very supportive family to help make it happen, amazing friends nearby, and a great job. Many close friends and other relatives remark that they'd love to contribute if they can help make a purchase happen - here's your chance.

This is your opportunity to be a part of it - All donors will be listed on a "Contributor's" plaque,  proudly displayed in the entryway. Think of it as an investment in your friend's future, as well as your secret forest hideaway whenever you need an escape from adulting.

Any amount is love and support - the goal here is to give anyone and everyone an opportunity to be involved. Give what you'd like, and know that you are part of something magical.

This will be a long process - this will not close with a traditional home-loan for a couple years after breaking ground on a well and initiating the property division - but I will own it while the work is being completed. Its a complicated process, but that's never put me off.

A journey of thousands of dollars begins with big balls - I am nervous as hell. I've never bought a home, so this is a huge first for me. Join in as we take the first step together.

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