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From Lisa White

Objective To strengthen the city of New Bedford socially, economically and architecturally, by empowering city residents through accountability and ownership.

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To strengthen the city of New Bedford socially, economically and architecturally, by empowering city residents through accountability and ownership.


One major hurdle to overcome within the city is the lack of ownership, and the duties and pride that come along with ownership. Residents of New Bedford, by majority, don’t have ownership in their homes. There exists a group mentality mindset that fails to self-police properties and neighborhoods, because the responsibility is seen as someone else’s or assumed to be elsewhere. Simply put: when there is a crime occurring or suspicious activity within our neighborhoods, there’s nobody around that feels justified in saying “hey, don’t do [that], this is my property!” When we begin to see more sense of ownership by residents, we will also begin to see more pride, more community involvement and more people speaking up, to protect what they feel is theirs. As a result, we will see declines in crime and poorly maintained buildings, and a potential rise in businesses willing to invest in New Bedford. 


Promote homeownership and owner-occupied multiple dwelling properties. Make general improvement to basic infrastructure and improve low to very-low income level housing conditions. 

Project Outline

Purchase portfolio of multiple family dwellings. O2 Management Group will then rehab each property, ensuring each meets or exceeds minimum housing standards, occupying them while in progress. During rehab stage, new owners will interview select, pre-screened tenants for desire and ability to explore the possibility of home ownership. Upon matching qualified candidate with an acceptable property, candidate will meet with a lender to obtain a personalized action plan, consisting of a list of actions he or she must complete in order to be prequalified for a mortgage to purchase subject property. Each candidate will be given an agreed upon amount of time to complete pre-qualification items, to secure mortgage on property. During this time they will be required to attend a first time home buyer’s seminar, become familiar with landlord-tenant law as well as state and federal fair housing laws and local ordinances. Selected candidates will live in subject property during pre-qualification period, will pay fair market rent and will be given a lease with a first right of refusal. During this time, while completing requirements for pre-qualification, candidates will assist in the day-to-day management of the subject property and will learn about the responsibilities of home ownership and the duties held by landlords. This will provide them with an immediate sense of ownership in the property and will be an immediate and positive change in each and every property and neighborhood. O2 Management Group will, on a case by case basis, be willing to help with financing, if needed and approved by lending institution, by offering seller financing of down payment and closing costs. 

Our philosophy

We believe that landlords that supply housing to low and very-low income tenants should be held to a higher standard. Individuals that have limited resources, also have limited choices when it comes to housing. Unlike individuals with more disposable income, the individuals and families with lower income levels may not be able to leave their residence due to poor conditions, or may be preoccupied by the stress of living paycheck to paycheck, and may find themselves living in apartments that don’t meet sanitary code. We believe that property owners renting apartments in New Bedford should have a “people first, profit second” mentality. In the first 4 years of owning one of north New Bedford’s largest multiple family dwellings, we’ve reinvested nearly $250,000 back into our building. We see this as a win-win scenario: our building has been bettered, and our tenants have better living conditions. Due to the improvements we’ve been able to increase our rents and still maintain our profit margins, while drastically improving our building and strengthening our asset. Of course, no business plan would be capable of proving useful without profits, but we believe landlords who seek only income-level rental profits are missing out on a large part of the profitability of owning real estate: the profit that comes from renovations and rehabilitation of deferred maintenance properties. This also helps individual neighborhoods, by improving neighborhood market values and help the city assess and collect more property tax. The infrastructure of New Bedford is vastly important, we believe. Though our structures may be older, they have proven that they are able to withstand time and climate, and outdated interiors can be updated much more inexpensively than new construction. Additionally, many times when a structure is lost to deterioration, or catastrophe due to outdated wiring or other deferred maintenance issues, in the more denser areas of New Bedford, the resulting vacant land will be deemed unbuildable due to modern-day setbacks and other restrictions. This will, on average, leave 3 or more families without a home, with few other housing options available to low and very-low income families, it may mean homelessness. Preserving and maintaining our infrastructure is vital to New Bedford.

Who we are:

O2 Management Group inc.

A Massachusetts nonprofit organization whose purpose includes, but is not limited to: Aquisition, preservation, renovation, redevelopment and management of affordable housing, supporting owner occupied statuses of multiple family dwellings. MA identification number: 001363447 filing number: 201959124100 Jan. 2019

Acushnet Apartments LLC

A for-profit Woman and veteran owned business supplying housing to individuals and families, the majority of which have income levels that fall within the ranges of low to very-low, as defined by Housing and Urban Development. We are also home owners and current residents of the city of New Bedford. 

Lisa D. White

  • Licensed real estate broker/salesperson for 7 years, NV.
  • General contractor’s license and commercial construction supervisor’s license (mar ‘19)
  • Mediator for real estate transaction disputes for Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors 
  • Landlord for 20 years.
  • Education: UNLV, TUNCOM, UMUC as well as HUD fair housing and business law and landlord-tenant law. 

Ian M. White

  • Active duty USAF, career airman. 
  • Civil engineering lead
  • 7+ years experience in construction estimating and supervising
  • 7+ years experience in drafting and design of structures as well as survey of land and terrain.
  • Home improvement contractor’s license.
  • Landlord for 10 years.
  • Education: degrees in construction and business management.

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