Own apartment

Own apartment

From Dmitry Berezin

I am a refugee from Donetsk, and I lost my home. I really want my apartment, but my salary is not enough to save and buy it. Support me please!

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My name is Dmitry, I am a refugee from Donetsk, where there is now a war between the DPR and the troops of Ukraine. In connection with the hostilities in 2014, I was forced to interrupt my studies, leave my city and go to another country. 

Now I live 4 years in Russia and dream of my home. Apartments in the city where I live cost about 5,000,000 rubles (about $ 80,000). Since I work 50 hours a week (and it takes another 10 hours a week to get to work), I don’t have time to start studying again, and my salary is not enough for me to save for my apartment. My salary is about 40,000 rubles (about $ 600) per month, the rental price is 15,000 (about $ 240 per month), the rest goes to food, transportation and daily expenses. I don’t know if this campaign will be banned, or what will happen ... But I really want my own apartment, since my apartment was lost during the war. 

Thank you for understanding and sorry for my English... 

My zip code is 199397

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