Overcoming The Myths And Harnessing Perfection

Overcoming The Myths And Harnessing Perfection

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Browsing through the playlists, switching across the TV channels, scrolling down the Instagram feed is a common hobby to kill time. Unconsciously, we are forced to watch and praise the aesthetically-pleasant body of those on the screen. And secretly wishing the same body type and posture for themselves.

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While some are routed towards maintaining a healthy life and burning out the calories and fat cells using diet plans and hard-core exercises, some take the surgical path. In that, they choose the cosmetic industry of Dubai to harness perfectionism quickly and achieve the said goals.

People opt for body contouring treatments, like liposuction, ultherapy, CoolSculpting, etc. Some also get breast implants in Dubai to flaunt a perfect silhouette. Yet, they receive a backlash from others, owing to the myths associated with them. In reality, we have progressed far ahead and evolved into a time where the majority of myths are no longer believed.

Still, there are many people who, due to lack of exposure, believe these myths and misconceptions. This has resulted in misinformation being spread about body contouring procedures.

On this note, these are some of the myths being exposed as you read ahead.

Myth 1: Liposuction Relates to Regular Weight Loss

Liposuction is not an alternative to weight loss treatment. Exercises and diet plans can be customized to suit a variety of body contour treatments. Yet, for liposuction or any such treatment, the potential candidate needs to showcase the traits of a healthy body before undergoing the treatment. In that, they follow a healthy routine, maintain a certain weight, and often cut down on several kilos too.

The reason being liposuction ideally suits those with less weight but has come to a dead-end in light of the stubborn fat bulges. These fat deposits turn out to be stubborn and don’t burn down easily. Instead, undergoing liposuction allows the candidates to eliminate these fat bulges easily and enjoy a perfectly-contoured body.

Myth 2: Non-surgical Treatments Are Ineffective

For some unknown reasons, the ‘non’ in non-surgical treatments, somehow relates to the non-effectiveness of the procedures. However, that is not the case. While the procedure for the said treatments may vary, so do the results. Some yield quick and effective results compared to it, but this cannot demean their importance.

Nevertheless, it is important for the candidate to thoroughly research before finalizing the treatment. Regardless of the treatment you plan on taking, from a tummy tuck, arm lift, Rhinoplasty, or boob job, research plays a fundamental role. It gives a preliminary insight on which treatment will provide the best result in light of the body type, skin type, tone, and elasticity. Thereby, helping you make the best decision to achieve perfect goals.

Myth 3: It Prevents Weight Gain

Body shaping operations do not prevent people from gaining weight after they have had them done. Body contouring, specifically, aims to redefine and reshape the body. While therapies may eliminate or reduce fat cells in a specific place, the remaining cells may expand as a result of weight gain. Body contouring patients should preserve their results by following a healthy workout and nutrition routine.

Myth 4: The Treatments Are Expensive

The body contour treatments come with some of the best treatment styles and procedures. The more advanced and high-tech it gets; the cost of the treatments subsequently surges up. Nevertheless, there are some other factors in place too. The surgeons and the clinics have to take care of the technical costs, licenses, certifications, fees, expenses, market outreach programs and so much more. Yet, the major chunk goes away to the technical side. The treatment in itself is expensive.

Still, there are several affordable options too. Dubai manifests such an enormous cosmetic industry. The candidate can look for various options before finalizing them. No wonder, you can find affordable, yet effective treatments in time!

Myth 5: The Treatments Are Painful

With the advancements and changes in time, this notion is no longer true. The popularity of non-surgical treatments is clearly on the rise. People are now moving towards painless, quick, and convenient procedures with minimal downtime. CoolSculpting, Velashape, mesotherapy, and Ultherapy have earned their popularity for all the rightful reasons.

Therefore, generalizing this statement is not authentic when generalized. Many treatments don’t necessarily end up giving you pain. Instead, there are mixed feelings of discomfort, nausea, tingling, etc. As the candidate rests and relaxes, the body recovers, the pain diminishes and they regain their energies. That is why candidates should rest and enjoy themselves during their recovery period.

Research Your Way Across

Even while catering to all these myths regarding body contour treatments, one thing remains certain. The candidate must be able to research their way across in finding the best plastic surgery clinic. For this, their experience, skillset, reviews, cost, etc. should be worth it. Along the way, make sure to be able to look at the results of prior surgeries. No doubt, this initial insight will take you miles ahead and help achieve perfection.

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