Out of the Box from Chrissy's Kitchen

Out of the Box from Chrissy's Kitchen

From Chrissy Andry White

Letting everyone know about my new adventure-venture! If you have a little seed money to donate, terrific. If not, no worries! I'm prayer-raising here too :). All great vibes, prayers, and advice are welcome!

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I love to feed people. It's my passion. It's my deepest happiness. I watch with eyebrows raised in anticipation for the looks on faces at every first bite. And the satisfied smile or ooohhhh that generally comes next lights me up. I love sharing a little part of my heart in the food I create. It's a beautiful symbiotic satisfaction. But I've never wanted to delve into the restaurant industry with its pace and profile - it's just never been a fit. 

Until now...

If you listen closely every, let's say, Tuesday night you can start hearing it, the words wafting and echoing over neighborhoods everywhere around 5:00,

 "Ugh...so what do you want to do for dinner? The only thing I know is I'm NOT cooking."

In the midst of this viral pandemic, an idea poured into me. It's an idea that solves problems on several different levels and has been borne out of Americans' current catch-22 to have healthy, satisfying meals that are affordable and fast but not to have to cook them (or clean up after!), especially on busy weeknights. And let's face it, everyone loves the d-word:  delivery.

Most people would rather eat a bowl of cereal for dinner than sit in a restaurant and have to wrangle kids on a random Wednesday night (avec ye olde mask, hoping one of the every other tables is free). So we run to fast food or order pizza delivery (you can mark out that "healthy" term above...). So maybe we order individual meals from a restaurant instead, right? Not enough room here to describe how much can go wrong there in the chaos, cost, and quality when it finally makes it to you (oh, and don't forget how your $8 sandwich turns into $56 after ad hoc delivery fees and tips).

So here's what we provide as an answer to all those foodie challenges:

  • We will offer two family-style meals each night to choose from (think chicken teriyaki with grilled pineapple, coconut rice with chia, and a medley of snow and sugar snap peas --  or -- deep dish lasagna with garden salad and breadsticks). You order online and just pick how many servings you'd like!
  • We don't have dine-in. It's delivery or pick-up only. Delivery is free for servings of 3 or more for an order. Just add a tip for your driver. Our price points range from $8 to $10 per serving, so a meal for 4 people is going to run around $38. Try to get out of a restaurant with 4 people for less than $50 these days.
  • Fried food is not our bag. How often has fried food delivered to you been soggy and *meh* when you open the steamy packages...if they're steamy at all? So yeah, we'll leave fried to the eat it in crowd.
  • Each meal will offer a protein, a side, and a vegetable. Healthy, well-balanced, delicious, and from scratch. We also work in fresh veg in surprising ways - your kids (or you!) won't even know they're there. And if you do have that sweet tooth tingling, we will offer desserts to top off your dinner.
  • No boredom with the restaurant "same old, same old" menus. Our model allows unbounded creativity. We will have new dishes every week, every day (reprising some favorites once in a while). Sky's the limit!
  • With people's schedules on hyper drive most weekdays with meetings, calls, homework, practice, lessons, household chores, church or volunteering, we offer order ahead scheduling. If you order a day or more in advance, you can pick your delivery window and have your food on your table at the exact time you need it...putting the brakes on drive through.
  • Giving back is an important part of what I'm doing. I had had different business ready to open prior to covid, but its core was visiting the elderly, so that plan had to be shelved. But nothing is lost! Through this business, working with various organizations in the community, every day someone who is not eating well is going to get a meal. Hopefully this will expand and grow into something that REALLY makes a difference in the world to support and protect our most vulnerable. There are lots of other community support programs I've got cookin' - more to come on that!

So, friends and family -- this is what I'm up to. It's a life-long dream to have a business that feeds people and helps the community. I wanted to share my new endeavor with you all as soon as I knew I had my lease and my initial plans confirmed. There's quite a list of things that need accomplished before I open the doors (hopefully next month!) such as construction on the lease space, supplies, equipment, and decor. I don't have corporate backing or a franchise to support me, so some seeded help would be great! 

It's with Greg (my husband) and Gregory's (my son) support I'm cutting out the path on my own as a woman starting a business, so if you'd like to play a part in this, I would appreciate any support you would like to give. And like I said earlier, if not, that's cool too, and I'll take some good vibes and prayers instead!

website -- still under construction!

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