Out of Debt: A life changing request.

Out of Debt: A life changing request.

From Rebecca Nicholson

I want help getting out of debt. I am a 22 year old female with Familial Diplegia wanting help to get back on track. I work full time while going to school full time for social work. I just want a new start.

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My name is Rebecca Nicholson, I am a college student, fighting debt, depression, and disability as I go through a huge transition in my life.  At 18 I met the man I swore would be the man I married. He has 2 children I love as my own, and I wanted to do everything in my power to help raise them. So, as I started college, I also took on a family. I had savings, but inevitably, with time, and things the kids needed, my school, and his home needing major repair, that money ran out and I was forced to turn to credit. I bought a car, that has broken down and maxed out the warranty before it is even half paid off, so more money after more money for repairs. I work full time, but am also a full time student less than a year from her degree and my income is very low. My partner and I ended up splitting up , leaving me to pay the debt alone, because he does not have the means to help and I will not force him as he is essentially raising his 2 kids alone. In the last 6 months, we split up, my grandma passed away, my mom lost her job, and my brother went to jail. All of this took a major toll on my depression and my financial situation. While I understand the chances of help are low, this is me reaching out with good faith because its what i'm feeling lead to do.

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