Our Vision Farm: Homesteading Couple to Aspiring Farmers

Our Vision Farm: Homesteading Couple to Aspiring Farmers

From Beatrice Lattimore

A homestead with dreams of becoming a working farm & providing the community with wholesome foods. We seek funds to start our Pasture Raised Poultry Operation which will open up opportunities for expansion in the future.

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We are seeking funds and sponsorships to help kickstart our 2021 goal of establishing a Pasture Raised Chicken Business on our five acre farm. We plan on building moveable chicken hoop houses to raise our meat birds on grass which we believe is the best and cleanest way for the birds. At Our Vision Farm we want to be a place where people can see their food being raised right before their eyes. From organically grown vegetables and herbs to pasture raised meats of all kinds.  Our current property is not large enough to withstand the scale of farm we imagine but this Meat Chicken business will help us establish the revenue we will need in order to be considered for more future opportunities. 

Our Pastured Chicken will not only be moved around to fresh grass where they can enjoy a clean environment with bugs and natural grit, but we also plan on mixing our own Whole Grain Feed so that we know exactly every single ingredient our Chickens are consuming. We will be raising Mealworms to feed for extra protein as well as sprouting grains/legumes and fermenting our whole grain feed for optimal digestion, immunity and nutrition.

We do the most for the care of our birds so in return they provide the healthiest meat possible to our customers. Back to Basics farming, before factory farms and commercial feeds full of fillers were created. We will not give our chickens any antibiotics, growth hormones or medications.

Start Up Costs:

We've compiled a list of every single thing we will need to successfully get this operation going. The $2600 is an estimate of everything all put together. We are prepared to get started even without the full amount, but raising these funds will put us at a spot of producing a revenue on the very 1st year!

Funding goes towards everything below:

Materials for hoop houses (pvc,chicken wire,tarp for rain,feeders,waterers)

Cost of Chicks, Feed Ingredients, Meal worm start up, buckets for feed fermenting and sprouts.

Permit Fee for Limited Poultry Egg License and all of the equipment needed to pass inspection such as 3 compartment sink, approved sanitizing solution, cooler for eggs/chicken.

Equipment for processing such as a plucker machine, water scalder stand, designated knifes, bags and labels.

Additional Items needed if funds allow: Outdoor Dog Run to keep our processing area completely pet free, Electric Poultry Netting along with new charger. ( To keep predators from attempting to enter chicken hoop houses) Turkey Chicks and materials to build a separate Turkey moveable pen etc. 

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