Our Lives Matter Too

Our Lives Matter Too

From Shirley Lindsay

I am raising money to help me fight to make a change in the medical billing guidelines. To make medical billing FAIR and to stop over charging, not just for my family but for the millions of families affected everyday!

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My name is Shirley. I am an everyday working class American just trying to provide for my family. While watching CBS News this morning  an article came on about a lady that had been charged $32,000.00 for what insurance would have paid $5,800.00 for. I thought WOW! Then come to find they had another article about a man WITH health insurance that was charged $650,000.00 that his insurance would NOT cover. Now, this made me wonder where we draw the line?  Recently, my 2 year old son had to be examined after falling down a flight of stairs. We were there for about 30 minutes, with the doctor just looking him over.  Thank God he was just fine, but the bill was a jaw dropping $3,000.00! WOW!  On http://clearhealthcost.com they report that for a simple mammogram you could be charged any where from $50 to $86,000!!! WAIT a minute! My husband and I own a Painting business. If we were to tell someone that we can paint their house and, though we can handle doing the job for just $50 we may charge as much as $86,000 depending on how much we discussed pricing prior. NO! We would be out of business!! Now, my bigger question is how many people out there have been overcharged even if it is just $100 more than you thought was FAIR?  Watch the videos on my page or search for yourself.  Find our page Our Lives Matter Too on facebook and comment #unfair if this has happened to you.  I want to make a change but I need your help. I need to know how many people are in this same boat and are done trying to spend their extra time trying to negotiate medical bills that should have been FAIR to start with!

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