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The time is now. We can no longer sit idly by praying the enemies within will be voted out. With an open coup attempt to overthrow the United States of America we must rise up as our founding fathers have done. They are taking our rights one by one. Free speech. How many have been shut down on FB/Twitter/IG for simply stating an opinion or a fact? Right to bear arms. Right to assemble. Right to teach your children. Churches are under attack. Draconian lock downs to quell dissent. While BLM/Antifa rule the streets leaving us in complete chaos. When will you decide enough is enough? When they remove your child from you home for their purposes? When they tell your child anytime passed 8 years old they can have a sex change without your consent. Forcing all businesses no matter their faith to do business with LGBTQ or have their business shut down. Force all schools to again have gender neutral  bathrooms. Yes Look up Biden's Equality Act Bill. Taxpayers to pay for surgeries. When will enough be enough for you? When your guns are stripped from you so you can not defend against the mobs of looters bent on murder and destruction. Costing you your lively hood to provide for your families. Telling you what you can buy, where you can go and when you can leave. NY unable to leave the state. Being stopped at bridges and crossings. Yes it happened look it up. Colleges locking kids on campus if they refuse a covid test or test positive. Being told if you refuse a test or test positive you will be taken to a "quarantine facility" for "Education on Safety.". Will that be enough for you? Will it be when they force everyone into FEMA camps for your safety? As you read this are you getting angry? Are you saying hell no; we will fight back? Good. Patriots like us are out there in DC, in areas of unrest. But we need your help. DO NOT LET THE DOMESTIC ENEMY WIN! We need to be able to continue to mobilize. Food, travel, lodging. Help us remain our Countries Keepers. Help us defend the right to hold your gun and protect yourself. Help us fight against tyrants taking control of your parenting rights. Help us fight against tyrants telling you how to run your business. Help us fight for your right to worship God openly. HELP US HELP YOU! Donate. Share. Share again.

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