Our Children, Our Future

Our Children, Our Future

From Amanda Rodriguez

We are raising money for Gifted Children, Inc. to continue our goals toward an inclusive society for all children with all abilities. Please support our campaign to follow our progress. Gifted Children is a not-fo...

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Some may question the name “Gifted Children”? Is this a place for the gifted and talented or is it a place for special needs children? The answer is that Gifted Children is a place for all children. Gifted Children’s philosophy is that every child is a gift to this world. In order to make positive changes for future generations, we must encourage positivity in the way our children think. Every child has a place in society whether it be volunteering, playing sports, or simply being creative. Every child is special in his or her own way. Sadly some children are never told how special they truly are. This may be due to generational influence, but reality is that if we tell our children how special they truly are they will believe it and grow up with positive minds that will impact their future. 

As our children grow, his or her mind grows. The way our children think and how they move forward in life depends solely upon us. When we look at our community activities for our children most of the activities are divided. We have children, of all abilities, divided by society due to their ability or inability. At such a young age, our society teaches our children that having different abilities are valued differently. Children will often grow up not having understanding of children with different abilities and this may cause the child with different abilities to feel uncomfortable or “less than” as the child begins to mature. This creates a divide between our children. We must help our children create an understanding regardless of different backgrounds, religions, educations, genders, etc. Our children shape our future and we must care for them with open hearts and open minds so they will all feel appreciated and accepted in this world. 

When I started talking about opening up a school a year ago, people looked at me and thought I had high goals and dreams and said I was too ambitious. They were right about something and that I am too ambitious, but ambitious is what this world needs more of. I realized at such a young age that we have only one life to live, it's short, but we must make the world better a place for the future of our children to enjoy and for them to have and find happiness. I know many people won’t understand my ambition, but I understand it. When I’m passionate about something, I just do it. It doesn’t matter how many bumps in the road it takes me because I believe those are life lessons that I must learn along the way. All I know that I will finish it to the end and see it through. I will not give up and I will put up a fight, if I have too, because that’s who I am. 

When we created Gifted Children, Inc., we realized the lack of activities that were available for all abilities. We wanted to bring children with all abilities together. Our end goal is and will be to open up a school for all, but we realized that we must create phases in order to successfully open our doors. A school that accepts everyone as they are. A school that connects all abilities in one place. Our ideology is that all children should be treated adequately and equally. Our children are entitled to everything and anything their minds can imagine. As of right now, Gifted Children, Inc. is in the first phase of our dream.

We want our society to change, well it starts with our children. We want the violence to stop, it starts with our children. We want the hatred to stop, it starts with our children. We must show our children through compassion and understanding that every child has something different to offer and to accept them for who they are. 

As the president of Gifted Children, Inc., I am dedicated to creating a better future for our children, for the inclusion we all need as society. I’m asking you for any donation because its not about me or you, its about our future. 

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