Our children desire to attend private school PLEASE HELP US MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Our children desire to attend private school PLEASE HELP US MAKE IT HAPPEN!

From Jennifer Happy

Our children are tired of the current curriculum being taught in public schools. They are ready to break free from the machine and desire to attend a private school setting

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We are a family of 6 with 1 income and 2 in school!

Our older children have decided it is time to leave the public school setting.  They are both straight A honor-roll students.  With the recent common core standards being implemented within our public school system, my kid's have raised questions and concerns and quite a few frustrations with the new way of teaching.  All of which are shot down by their teachers and they are scolded for questioning the new way of teaching.  In fact, my 9 year old was told she was being RUDE for stating that common core math is more confusing than the first way she learned it. Our children are now being taught conformity and are disciplined for thinking outside the box and questioning the system. They are chastised for being creative and unique thinking individuals. 

My children are Christians who believe in God and that Jesus Christ is our savior and died for all of our sins.  They are shunned if they speak any word about that belief while in school.  Yet they spend ENTIRE QUARTERS of a school year learning about fairytale gods and goddesses! The theory of evolution and the teaching of an old earth is forced down their throats, while sex-ed shows them more how to have sex before marriage as long as they do it safely and use contraceptives all while barely touching what should be the most important aspect of sex-ed, which is abstinence only and self-respect.  

In our home, my children are allowed choices and the ability to form their own opinions and they have decided that public school is no longer where they belong and they want out NOW!!  

My 12 year old has also struggled alot this year and last year with being bullied at school. The popular girls are so mean and vicious and have even gone as far to say my daughter was weird and "deserved to die". No wonder teen suicide is at an all-time high, and I worry about my own child's mindset at times when her self-esteem is so trampled upon almost daily. My daughter believes that if she attended a school that not only teaches the right academics but also teaches children real morals to live by, that the student body would be filled with kinder empathetic individuals (the kind of generation we should ALL be raising!), and that she would not have to worry about being bullied at school.

I have offered to homeschool them while I am home taking care of 2 little ones, but they are more keen on the school setting. They love being around people and they love school and all the good things that go along with a school setting like extracurricular activities, real genuine friendships with real genuine people, academic recognition, clubs, meets, lunchtime, recess, and the support of caring teachers and faculty.  We have found a very affordable private Christian school (the most affordable one around, in fact!) where my preschooler currently attends part-time and we are very parallel to their beliefs, way of teaching, and A Beka curriculum.  We feel it is the right school for our older children to attend full-time (my oldest attended preschool there as well!).  The amount we are trying to raise will cover all the costs including tuition, application, enrollment, and curriculum fees.  With 4 kids and 1 income, our budget is stretched thin already, therefore we are asking help to make our children's dream a reality.  If you support education that also instills values morals and God within our children, then please consider supporting our family. Thank you

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