Ouellette For Mayor

Ouellette For Mayor

From Glenn RJ Ouellette

I am rising money to run my Ouellette for Mayor 2019 Campaign. The Elections are on Tues. - Sept. 17th, in the Queen City of Manchester, NH. is a Purple State as is its biggest city. Am Undeclared Independent Candidate.

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Ouellette For Mayor 2019 'The People's Working Mayor And Your Citizen Conscience'. Help Donate any amount to help get elected.

Peter and Susan talking to Ouellette about the issues facing Manchester. We need Leadership that will act on solving the issues crippling our Queen City of Manchester and stop this Political battle that get us no wears.

We've got some serious challenges facing Manchester's Queen City in the next two years, but if there's anything Ouellette knows, is that if we come and work hard on these issues as a city having one voice heard loud and clear, its that of Glenn RJ Ouellette who never gives up on people as he always says, we overcome what we tackle Together...That's leadership, the Right Candidate for Mayor.

The latest front in Manchester's Primary is Glenn RJ. Ouellette's effort to reconcile with the Non-Declared Independent Voters, (which number 44% of the registered city voters), in the Non-Partisan Mayoral Elections on Tuesday - September 17th ...

But it looks like the 2 Party System doesn't even recognize his legitimacy as a candidate running for Mayor of the Queen City of Manchester, even through by law he is just as much a ligament Mayoral Candidate as the other two on the ballot.

#VOTE_OUELLETTE - He loves his city with his whole heart and soul. He sure will work tirelessly to see the city gradually moving forward, not this 3 step forward one year, the 3 steps backwards the next.

He always keeps his words and he's a strong believer. He never says something that he hasn't already found means and ways to accomplish it. He never gives up and does the right thing.

We think that's the man the people need right now. So bold and self confident with great intellectualism and a perfect sense of humor. He sticks to his words - not afraid to take on big politics on the city issues - sees things the way most people do - a great person... A go get them kind of guy - does what's best for it's citizens and listens to your issues. He is the People's Mayor and Your Citizen Conscience on the city/school issues... He's been right most times on how to fix and not patch our way out of solving our major city problems.

A Mayor that would represent Everyone in a City of One - in order to bring together our city - working to solve our problems and not political size them as is being done now to see who will score more political points without any real solutions - but to continue patching the issues facing our city like they have for the past two decades with patching the city roads - alleys and sidewalks.

Poverty is at an all time high, rising an average of 5% a year. Violent Crimes have qua-tippled this past Summer and is continues to this day from keeping our citizens safe. 

Today the city has a 36% Poverty, plus 67% get Free and Reduced School Lunches because of that below poverty level and 27% of High School Students don't graduate as they are left behind - we've gone from 601 to 1,044 school children in crisis needing emergency help without knowing where their next meal will come from or what cough suffering will allow them to lay down their head in peace on any given night.

WOW! Will this ever end.??? It happened again last night, a woman found seriously injured in the downtown/mill-yard, once found - taken to Hospital succumb to her wounds and past on. The mess is crippling our city because there is no leadership leading us out of this mess. It's all about politics and the information is so half truth. We need a leader at the top as Mayor that will not play political points and use common sense to lead us out of this mess. I am confident that Ouellette is going to get the job done and stick to the issues. It seems so simple yet what we can do to change things for the better doesn't get done because of the political push to score 1st and a crisis continues with their games. Ouellette is a very caring and sensuous person who wants to get the issues solved and not prolonged.

I agree... I've followed him thru the years...like lots of what he says...because it makes common sense...

There's the drugs - violent crimes - issues like mental health - cleaning the possibility of Hepatitis A on our downtown Sidewalks  - segregated Public Bathrooms 50 feet away, one for the haves and the other for the have not's. We need to enforce the laws and stop being so afraid of the UCLU. They are not the problem here. They will not go after the city if only they would enforced the law rather then stepping on people's rights. It's the politics and the politics of special interests wanting to destroy our public schools, working to due away with them if they could and they wanting to turn a working middle class city into a billionaires club or stop building affordable housing and no longer subsidizing the safety net for the poorest in need so they don't join the ranks of homeless.

Rents up 20% in 4 years - Poverty up 6% in two years - as some of our leaders are working harder to divide our city then working together to resolve the problems. The consent  violent crimes that are out of control, but our leaders claim that's it's safe here in the city. Drive by shootings and stabbing almost weekly does not make us safe people... 2018 two murders, but in 2019 and only 8 months plus into the year, we have qua-tripped the murders of double dejects of violent crimes in our city day and night - the list goes on... We can't even do the simple things of fixing our despairing cross works downtown and we are at the in mid September. Will they wait like last year and patch fix them in Oct. just in time for winter or the four different crosswalks looking like a 3rd world country or removing the abundance of graffiti and steaming the hepatitis bacteria off our sidewalks downtown.

Elect Ouellette your next mayor and he will show you the difference between a political plan that hasn't worked to a well defined plan that will be enforced without taking your rights away or letting the criminals rule our city day and night.

What a crazy mess leadership is doing.

Ouellette today leads from behind, its what he's been doing here since 2001 and the elected officials say he gets to change the issues for the better, because he is persistent and his facts were right on the money. That's why they hate his persistent, it's because Ouellette don't give up until the job gets done. He will get it done right the 1st time around, not this 10 or 20 years latter by just revealingly throwing tax dollars to our problems without any results to show for it. In fact it's worse now than ever...

You have to be tough or nothing gets done. That's leadership at its best when a Mayor can be tough on the issues to keep the city safe and stop this nonsense of just trying to score points politically.

Wow! Politics kill..it's so awful today

 Ouellette's 1st - 100 days as mayor, he will fix the Veterans Public Bathrooms and get rid of the separated portables just 50 feet apart. He will get a school employee contract agreed to by working with both sides negotiating and then get it funded. Enough of the chaos. Ouellette will work closely with ever department head working together and stop the bullying, so we can move our city forward. He will see that the laws are enforced for everyone to follow, so we can finally take back our parks and streets of our city. We must do better than just say our people are safe. We must keep the public informed of what's going on and do everything possible to take control from the criminals once and for all. Then and only then will we start seeing positive results and bring back the city to where it once was - respected - safe and vibrant once again moving forward.

Enough said Ouellette says. Got to go work on the issues. Words alone does not make things happen, but actions and walking your talk through to success does. Hope you will join me on Thursday's at 4 PM live on TV23 Public Access on "Ouellette @ Large!"

 One more thing...300 babies were born at CMC and Elliot Hospital last year alone and addicted to heroin and very sick... What a horrifying issue with the addiction opioid issue today. I'm not sure were that count is, but its sure well beyond last years... Isn't that nuts.... Just wanted to share that with you. Talk soon...

 What a way for a new born baby to begin life - addicted from day one. My Heart brakes and cries out to them daily... We must do better Manchester.

 # Its Time... It's Time for Real Change for the Queen City of Manchester, NH. Ouellette means to provide Something Better for Manchester moving Forward and taking back our city to where it once was Great and mighty again. A City of One - Not A Divided City.

When we continued to divide our city by exaggerating the facts then eventually those facts become a reality.  We're seeing it now as shelters throughout our state are closing sending them all to Manchester. Shame on those other Towns & City's of NH for not taking their responsibilities in caring for their own citizens.

Drug Addiction in this City of Manchester is our problem to take care of our own citizens, but not that of the rest od the state. It's an Issue for us to resolve for a better and safer Queen City that all its citizens deserve and the state of NH should do the same.

The problems are bigger than just homelessness. Of the 76 arrested in Downtown Elm St. between Bridge and Granite Streets within 2018, resulted in just 13 of those arrested were Homeless. That's only 6% of the problem Downtown in our city. The remaining were 94% came from people doing business at merchant establishments. The rest of the city is about the same, 6% homeless and 94% withstanding, lies within the 12 Wards and 32 Neighborhoods that make our Queen City and we can no longer go it alone.

We must do more to lead them to Drug Rehab Programs and Stop Related Crimes in this City. Safe Stations was a good start. Thanks to all our Fireman - Police and EMT's helping.

Amazing - How Amazing - but what are we doing about it other than to displace them without up-lifting their situations to find shelter, and you wonder why they came downtown after we destroyed their tent city and we never as a city cleaned up that mess, instead our elected official policies made it worse... Not Enough...

It's Not Enough, we let it Happen... Now we must work together to Stop this Drug Addiction. It's not a Manchester Problem... It's a State and National problem as well and we need to get our city officials to apply for those Federal Funds available of which we too often don't do.

Wake - Up Manchester, as it's time to listen to your Citizen Conscience. In this City, we have seen a ongoing 5% increase in Poverty every two years since 2015. In 2015, it was 26% - in 2017 - it rose to 31% and today in 2019 its 36% Poverty within the Queen City. Students of MSD who receive Free or Reduced Lunch is at an all time high of 67%, up by 57% two years ago or a 10% increase from the Root causes of the Poverty in this City.

Only 73% Graduate from MSD High Schools, while 27% do not... That's the cause of 36% Poverty in this City. It's Time to Change that this election cycle. The cause is partly because we have to many part time jobs and not enough full time jobs available that our citizens qualify to do... With Not enough Affordable Housing Available, Manchester has not kept up with Poverty & we have not built Low Income Housing. None built in two years and a 20% Rental increase in the last 4 years.  (Who gets a 5% increase in wages every year? Not a majority of our citizens do.)

It's Time to Change that too. Plus Violent Crimes up in Double Digits - Shootings and Stabbings nearly every week that's 3 times more than last year at this time. We must Change that, if we are to keep our Queen City Safe... While our population has basically stayed the same.

It's Time to Uplift our City - It's Time for a New Vision - It's Time for New Leadership that will work for this Middle Income Working Class City and include the 36% in Poverty, if we are to move Manchester Forward once again. It's Time to inspire our City to do Better for our Citizens.

It's Time for our Children to Play in Safety Again in our City Parks... It's Time to refocus and Rebuild our way to solving the major problems with Long-term Solutions that work to show lasting results, not this Short-term Gimmicks that do nothing but patch away the problem for a little time till they return with a vengeance. It's Time for all our school students to learn equally and allow all those 4 level classes to be taught to all who can achieve them well... It's Time Get to Work Together again with one goal in mind. That is to double up on our resources and that means State and Federal Funding Grants that we don't apply for to be put to better use. Instead, we allow other NH Communities to take our funding. It's Time for Real Change throughout the Queen City of Manchester and I am up to the plate to get the job done right the 1st. as your next mayor. The People's Mayor with your Citizen Conscience in mind.

Homelessness in America and in the City of Manchester, NH., where Mental Illness - Domestic Violence - Prostitution - Violent Crimes - Poverty - UN-affordable Housing and other issues are the Root problem causing this rapid the increase of Drug Addiction in our city. All this and more has caused the high rates of Homelessness. It's time to put our foot down & tell our leaders to do better, but in this case 'It's Time to Elect New Leadership in the September 17th, 2019 Mayoral - Aldermanic & School Committee Primary Elections.

The Real Manchester, is a city of energy - an old city trying to rebuild itself to a new and vibrant city, including a new generation of citizens in moving the Queen City Forward once again - Not Backwards...

He has our backs when it comes to working for what is right for Manchester's Queen City. He's the Right Candidate for being your next mayor in this election cycle.

Glenn RJ. Ouellette Signals the Comeback of the 44 % Non-Declared Registered  Voters  in the cities Non- Partisan Mayoral Elections on Tuesday - September 17th ... Help Ouellette by donating $5 - $10 - $25 - $50 OR $100 Towards get him through this last week and that of Election Day Costs of running a campaign so that your voices can be hard loud and clear on Primary night because you will have donated to the cause of correcting the Root Causes of our Drug - Mental Health and Homelessness with our city by coming out to VOTE on Tues. - Sept. 17th.Ouellette the People's Mayor and your Citizen Conscience...

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