Organization of the meeting: Trawl nets should be banned!

Organization of the meeting: Trawl nets should be banned!

From Betty Cunningham

Why is this important? This is important because trawl nets are the most destructive fishing method as they permanently wreck habitats and produce tragic amounts of bycatch.

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These nets often operate in kelp forests. These forests contain more CO2 than the average rainforest and therefore are crucial to maintaining the climate. They are also an important habitat for countless species of marine life. These forests are wrecked by the trawl nets which destroy the sea beds for miles. This damage is often permanent and therefore irreparable against the climate.


The nets often produce bycatch as well which can harm the animals we love most, like dolphins and whales. These animals are also crucial to the food chain as they are often apex predators and prevent overpopulation by eating other large animals.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has imposed a permanent ban on bottom trawling in 150,000 square miles of federally-controlled waters off the West coast of the United States.


Though much less prominent in the USA, trawl fishing is also linked to slavery in places like Thailand which is a clear violation of human rights.


I was inspired to start this petition by the Netflix film, Seaspiracy, which explains this all in much more detail with shocking facts.


This ban could help local fishermen, the climate, animals, and the world.

So, we please take away your joystick for Elite Dangerous and let`s organize a meeting!

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