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To help with family's that where evacuated from they'er homes and are looking at a wait do to dangerous conditions To offer some kind assistance to people who's homes where lost to the fires Funds for emergency shelter

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In my lifetime this is an unprecedented event that people were not ready for

 Being born and raised in Oregon was  Amazing add the best childhood ever growing up in small town of Lebanon in Lane County trips to the coast at any given time many times throughout the years provided magical memories so many of them and I am absolutely  Help broken that I will never be able to visit then Oregon coastline and see the familiar memories of my childhood the same in my 44 years of life and my grandmother's I'm and mothers years the for me coming along it there was never any kind of widespread massive devastation that called for people being evacuated from their homes oregon's pretty quiet little state their excuse me it was people are wonderful and the communities are  For the most part very closely knit Christmas is still a major event everywhere throughout the little towns  Look a drive anywhere whatever way you mind down any basically any road that you choose and not too far you will find a river or a Creek or or a place to hike or Oregon's beauty oregon and Washington and northern California the scenery breathtaking And rainfall was at least 79 to 85% of the year I remember being a child in the Sun beaming down and huge raindrops hitting the sidewalk in front of me Climate change and Industrialisation  And land developmentof have obviously  changed things quite a bit from when I was a child living there This could not have Ben anymore unexpected unplanned for in unfathom I'm both to every single oregonian that resides in the state and ever has these people are genuine and they are giving anything that you need for the most part you can ask for their from a total stranger and they will they will do but they can to to help you Because that's what people do that's the way that things are supposed to be and Oregon being out small quiet little state up in the corner of the continent not much national news is broadcast from there This money will be divvied between organizations that are local Such as emergency shelters of food pantries um Charity organizations that help people get back on their feet in in Bree build their lives they help with clothing and diapers and transportation and medical means prescription medications things that people are going to you need support  In there communitys  for a long period of time a portion of the funds raised will b given to mental health of Oregon to be dispersed to county mentel health agencies to accommodate people that were affected more negotively in some ways than others   So My goal for the money that is raise to help the residents of the state of Oregon pick their lives backup and move mine is for exactly that I want  To help in providing be things that people are going to need hub with to stay above water after suffering this kind of devastation and the less stress that is put on these community agencies that do hand out free food and an emergency clothing and finance a hotel Room for a night so a family won't have to be stuck out side on a cold night I will be  making sure that  These community resource organizations are fully prepared to have the things Available for anyone so that, the stress is not part of trying to re build their lives and  allowe the  healing process to happen appropriately and in a Not rushed but positive and lasting way

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