Orchids bouquet — exquisite, expressive

Orchids bouquet — exquisite, expressive

From Anthony Bishop

Flowers of the tropics always impress with their brightness and beauty, but orchids became almost the most popular.

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Phalaenopsis have been used for centuries as a gift for the noble and rich people, considered the embodiment of royal grandeur and regal grace. Florists continue the tradition of creating compositions of these magnificent flowers, making them a truly royal gift.

Bouquet of orchids as a visual embodiment of tender feelings

An orchid bouquet always looks opulent, but if you want to give your gift a special meaning, it's worth noting the importance of the color of the phalaenopsis:

·   White flowers often appear in a bridal bouquet to signify chastity. However, the phalaenopsis itself gives it a flair for seduction.

·   Pink inflorescences are the epitome of grace, elegance, and tenderness. Such an orchid is good as a gift for a sister, mother, and other female relatives.

·   Purple and blue flowers are the embodiment of power, strength, and confidence. Would be a good basis for a composition intended for a teacher, leader, or politician.

·   Orange and yellow inflorescences embody energy, love for life, and friendly feelings. They are often used to give as gifts to employees and friends.

Orchid Delivery florists will skillfully select flowers that are appropriate for your purpose. All you need to do is state your personal preferences during the call. If you’ll change your mind before the order is processed, the concept can be changed as well according to your new wishes.

Why our bouquets are the best

Orchid is an expensive flowers, which is quite difficult to create compositions. The main challenge is to choose a color combination so that the beauty of phalaenopsis is not overshadowed by other plants. So moderation and good taste are the best combinations to create an elegant and graceful bouquet. Our florists are experienced in working with delicate orchids, so you can be sure of an excellent result.

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